John McCain vs. Barak Obama?

Okay, I just had to ask this question, because I’m personally sick of hearing about this stuff.

I saw where some retired general made a comment about John McCain by saying that McCain didn’t have enough experience to be president.

So I’m curious – does Barak Obama have ANY military experience at all, or are these people just ragging on McCain because they personally dislike him for whatever? He spent 5 years as a POW, after serving his country and pretty much being captured. Could somebody (calmy, without the insults and all of that other stuff people come up with on here) answer why nobody seems to be going after Obama for his huge lack of experience? Seriously, all I seem to be hearing out of his mouth…is he is loading people up with all of the junk they want to hear because he knows that’s what can get people to vote for him. Where is his military/leadership experience for such a position?

Obama doesn’t have any military experience. He’s never served anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily matter to some people, but to me personally it is a huge deal. I think it should be one of the biggest things to look at when voting. But that’s not everyone’s biggest issue. The military and the economy are always my biggest thing when it comes to any candidate.

It’s part of politics, ragging on a candidate and pretty much making things up. You see it on both sides. I generally see it more on the Democratic side. I’ve always seen those candidates as whiners that don’t really have any seriously, upbeat proposition to fix anything. They just rag on McCain and Bush and about how they’re destroying America instead of actually talking about how to fix things instead of pointing fingers where they shouldn’t be pointed in the first place. But that’s just one person’s opinion.

Part of being a politician is telling people what they want to hear. But that seems to be Obama’s speciality in particular. He’s very obsessed with just telling people what they want to hear and not telling them the truth. He has no probable positions on anything, but that comes from lack of experience. I kind of feel bad for his supporters that they don’t see through that and they probably won’t see the light ever. He has had about 2 years in Congress and suddenly thinks he has the qualifications to be president? I think not. I’m fairly confident that there is someone else pulling the strings and they put forth a young, inexperienced, fairly attractive, charismatic, junior Senator to push through their own agenda. I think he was probably pushed forward to run. I’m sure many things were his choice, but there has to be someone else helping him out. He doesn’t have military/leadership experience for the position to answer your question.

McCain has post-traumatic stress syndrome. The only place he needs to be is on Dr. Phil.

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