Isn’t it obvious that the Keystone pipeline will make global warming worse?

Ice is melting at an alarming rate in Antarctica and the Arctic.


Yes, but the cons and religious nuts are trying to deny this face.

Hope this helps

Global &quot:warming&quot:, we have had some of the coldest temperatures on record since the 1930’s. Scientists think we’re headed back into another Ice Age. If you want to nag at someone, nag at CHINA, they have NO pollution or environmental controls plus the most POLLUTED CITY in the WORLD, Lipzing, China. The Keystone pipeline will provide jobs, less dependency on places like Venezuela or the Middle East for oil and enhance our trade with Canada.

the decision will not be made on that basis, the companies will be quick to point out that it’s only 1-2% of worldwide emissions compared to 50,000 coal plants worldwide and millions of cars.

as for the CO2 estimates, they look about right…
the EPA estimates 0.46 Metric ton per barrel of oil. Even if the tar is higher, say 0.5 metric ton per barrel and the pipeline delivers all 830,000 barrels per day, that would mean less than 1/2 million tonnes of CO2 per day.

the problem is that bloomberg does not report how long it takes to get 181 Million metric tons, it looks like a year of emissions.

20 million tons per year is not unusual for coal plants, so 40+ coal plants sounds about right.

Latest data says that average global temperatures have NOT increased in the last 15 years.

Proof? Sure: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/a…

BTW how do you get &quot:emissions&quot: from an enclosed container like a pipeline?

Someone needs to tell that to old man winter here in MN. It’s been winter here for about 6 months. Oh guess what the forecast is for tonight? Another winter storm warning!

The natural warming an cooling cycles of the earth are not an issue.

No it isn’t. Try using actual facts instead of distorted opinion pieces.

I fail to see your reasoning.

In the &quot:minds&quot: of &quot:liberals&quot:, you mean?

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