Is anyone else afraid for our country with Obama as our President?

This country is going downhill fast. Is anyone else worried about what Obama is doing?

We’ve been doomed from the beginning. It’s sort of our thing. I think without some sort of threat of impending doom, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. Anyway 2012 is coming up soon and the Leprechauns reign supreme or something.

This country was going down hill long before Bush became president. In fact, the hosing market collapse was due mainly to Clinton pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into giving more loans to high risk people. This caused Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to have over 50% of the home loans. Bush tried to put more strict regulations on it, the Dems voted it down. This, in turn, had a big impact on the banking industry.

Yes, I fear Obama because his is spending way too much when the country is in an economic downturn. He is also going to repeal the Bush tax cuts putting a further strain on the economy. He is also going to have a nationalized health care that will either effect the quality of care or higher prices. Look a MA state run health care system. Yes, more people have health care coverage but on average, they pay the highest premiums and deductibles in the country. Look at any country that has socialized medicine. Yes, they pay lower premiums but the quality of care is not as good, wait times are longer and the have a shortage on general practitioners.

i can not see the type you assume respectful solutions right here, being which you purely referred to as me a racist for helping Senator Obama. to respond to your question, i think of that Obama nonetheless has a reliable threat of thrashing McCain if one million. The Democrats can supply up whaling on one yet another and determine a candidate as quickly because of fact the primaries end, and 2. they are able to effectively paint McCain as an insincere &quot:maverick&quot: who’s all too prepared to proceed the fast-sighted and destructive financial and distant places policies of the Bush administration. in the event that they are able to’t do the two those issues, and fairly quickly, curiously reliable for McCain. Do remember, whether, that would desire to Iraq land the financial gadget look not extra advantageous in 5 or six months, McCain’s interest will become that lots extra durable. Ron Paul has no threat. If he chooses to proceed to be on the national poll, exceptionally because of fact the Libertarian candidate, he hurts McCain.

The country went downhill under Bush. The general public is seeing the problems affect our lives only now but they began in December 2007. The government oversight was missing and the financial leaders counted on the markets regulating themselves. Hah !

/ He spent more than ALL former presidents combined. He did it all in 8 weeks. Where did the money go? It was mostly pork. He paid off ACORN and other Democrat groups to say Thank You. DId it create jobs? With the unemployment rate at over 10%, the answer is No.

We got hit by a Terrorist Attack when a Muslim infiltrated the military and killed 13 US Soldiers in the name of Allah. That was the first Terrorist Attack to hit America since 9/11. Where was Obama? At Camp David scolding Republicans for jumping to conclusions by thinking it was an Islamic Extremist, and not being tolerant of diversification. Where was Bush? Visiting the family and friends and fellow soldiers where the Terrorist Attack took place.

I suppose I don’t have a brain, and can’t think for myself, therefore I’m a &quot:racist&quot: for disagreeing with Obama.

I see worried Americans who see what this guy is doing to our country, and I see sleeping Americans who look like robots spitting out the same garbage they hear from the White House’s press releases read verbatum on CNN and MSNBC .

I’ve been afraid since Carter was President. As long as the President is a tool of the bankers, a member of the Bilderburg Group, CFR, connections to the MI complex, major corporations, and has a &quot:R&quot: or a &quot:D&quot: after their name.

Edit: Thanks to the enlightened, intelligent people who gave my answer a thumbsdown.

As long as some people on this board believe the &quot:lies&quot: of the R’s and D’s there will be no change. American domestic and foreign policy doesn’t change under the two-headed one party state.

I’m not afraid because who bring down our country is not the
puppy sit on the white house
btw our government already take aways from me my civil
rights my money what I have left
is my life and for what I care they can have!!!

Have some respect for our Commander-in-Chief and President. Are you a traitor? Why do you conservatives hate America so much?

He and his OWNERS—- &quot:he is a new world slave&quot:… are sick twisted and downright un-american in their ideology and will be defeated they underestimate the will of the U.S. People…



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