If you have the same religion as your parents, why do you think you were so lucky as to be born into the…?

one correct religion? Out of the thousands of religions that have existed throughout history, what are the odds that you would be born into a family that believed in the one correct one?

No, I don’t.

I had an encounter with Jesus Christ in my mid-20’s, when God rescued me from a self-destructive lifestyle.

Prior to that, I was always taught that Jesus was a liar, a deceiver, possibly even a lunatic, but above all else, very definitely dead.

As I have said before, &quot:it’s amazing how that once you actually meet some one, you can no longer deny his existence&quot:, and that is also true of God and Jesus.

After my encounter, I could no longer deny the existence of Jesus. Now I am fully persuaded that He is exactly who He claimed to be, the very Son of God, who died for MY sins, then rose again the morning of the third day, just as He said He would do, thus proving once and for all that He IS the Son of God!

So, what about YOU? Why do you NOT believe? Did the universe come down to you in a dream and show you the length, breadth and depth of the entire universe or something? Did you suddenly gain all the knowledge in the entire universe, and now you can say that God isn’t there? How can your miniscule mind make the absurd claim that you KNOW that God doesn’t exist, when that implies omniscience and omnipresence? Or do you also claim omnipotence, and think that the universe is obligated to limit itself to YOUR infinitesimally small knowledge base and experience level? Such arrogance! Your ego must be inflated beyond your ability to maintain it! I’m sure it will pop any day now!

No, i became not &quot:born into&quot: my faith. My mum and dad were Christians, yet they in no way compelled me to be, and regardless of the reality that I percentage a similar middle beliefs they’d, i’m plenty a lot less fundamentalist than they were. I got here to Christianity on my own, as an individual. i trust Christianity is ideal *for me*. I did study different religions, and that i became even pagan for numerous years previously growing to be a Christian, and the end I got here to contained sooner or later became that regardless of the reality that merely about all religions comprise a level of reality, Christianity comes closest to the finished reality. i’d nicely be incorrect, and if it is the case, so be it. yet i do not choose all and sundry else, both.

My mom is a pagan, my dad believes in his own non-specific religion and my brother (as far as I can tell) a deist. I’m an atheist and to me it’s as obvious as the nose on my face that people generally embrace the beliefs of their particular demographic.

My parents are atheists. No i wasnt lucky, since they taught me intolerance and how to be obnoxious to those who don’t have the same views as them.

Because of their crap i rebelled and converted to Islam, then returned to atheism 18 years later but chilled out as Islam and militant atheism is basically the same thing.

i like this question,i only wish i could answer to your liking.i feel content with the fact i may never know the answer to lifes big questions.times spent pondering these things are some of my most enjoyable moments.the idea you presented to us is not new to me.im not conviced there is only one way,and i kindof like that idea.

Christian yes and I brought them to my church: and one day when i was little I asked God to lead me or tell me which church to go to once again that morning and i walked by a church and God said that one! I looked around and he said to your LEFT! wow! I ran to the church and jumped up and down i went to it but it was closed. that sunday i started going to that church and then we moved by that church after a few years: and Mom told me about the church so i went with mom one day and i said this was the church God told me to go to and so started my story my life with God and Jesus.

The parent’s faith does not always rub off on the kids.

Escapism is what they think.

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