I am an 18 year old male that is 6 ft 2 and weighs 210 pounds. Am I overweight or healthy?

I am an 18 year old male that is 6 ft 2 and weighs 210 pounds. Am I overweight or healthy?

I feel fine, I know alot of kids my age are under 200 pounds, but they are also shorter.

Does anyone know what a healthy weight for a 6 ft 2 18 year old male should be? Thanks!

i would say you should be under 200 pounds

Here’s my question for you.
What is your body fat percentage? A lot of people who weigh a lot weighs a lot because of fat, but keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. Weird, huh? You’d think it would be the other way around, but it isn’t.
Try this. Stand up the way you normally do (without bulging out your stomach or sucking in, just normal) and look down. If you can see the beginning of your pants, then you don’t need to lose weight in your stomach area.
Would you call yourself fit? Can you run a mile in under eight minutes? Can you do any pull ups? If you can do either of those things then you are NOT overweight, because overweight people usually have a hard time running and they can’t lift up their body because it is too heavy (the pull ups have an exception though because they usually just don’t have much arm strength). And don’t listen to all those people who say to lose 50 lbs. because that would be REALLY unhealthy!But in my book, if you are 6 ft. 2 and 210 pounds that is pretty good!

210 is over weight for 6&quot:2 because I am 6&quot:3 and I’ve been in the same boat. I am 200 pounds and still pretty overweight, but you’re still not obese. Obese and being overweight are too different things.

missymay, there is no way he needs to lose 50 lbs haha. Just go anywhere that you can get your body fat percentage checked. It all depends on your body mass to be able to determine if you are over weight or not.

Just be aware that many of the BMI calculators online are pretty hit and miss beacuse you can have a lot of muscle and be out of the &quot:healthy&quot: range on those scales.

it usually depends on the mass
if you a like well built and most of that weight is muscle id say ur healthy maybe loose ten pounds but if its mostly fat than id say thats unhealthy because a person should be under 19% bmi

That depends entirely on your body fat percentage. You need to have it checked with a caliper on your own or have a professional do it for you (dunking you in water, putting you in a machine, etc.) If it’s more than 15%, you should probably cut down on the fat by doing cardio.

well i am 6 ‘ 3&quot: 250 LBS i am a well built 15 year old who can out lift and out run almost everyone on the football and track team so it depends on your muscle to fat ratio

You are overweight. I don’t know the healthy weight for 6’2&quot: ft guys since all the guys I know at like 5’7&quot:-5’10&quot:

You are healthy as hell. I have friends in karate who are around that same. Consider yourself as health as a fighter.

Don’t lose 50 lbs!!!! put it in your serch engine. there’s alot of charts online to get an ideal.

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