How else is Fulton better than Ball except scoring wise?

Do you mean Fultz? Mainly scoring, but he’s as good of a scorer as Lonzo is a passer, and he’s a better passer than Lonzo is a scorer. One area in particular that Fultz has a significant advantage is the pick and roll, the most important play type for modern point guards, because Lonzo has weird jump shot mechanics that make it hard to pull up going to the right.

Then there’s defense. In college, I’d definitely have said that Lonzo was the better defender, but going into the NBA, Fultz has the higher ceiling due to much better length. With him having less offensive responsibility playing next to Ben Simmons, being backed up by a legit defensive anchor in Embiid, and coached by the underrated defensive coordinator of Brett Brown, I would not be surprised if he is better defensively right off the bat

He isn’t.

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