Can the United States afford to start a war with Iran now that Barack Obama is prresident of the United States?

Obama being president has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It’s Congress’s decision to go to war, not the president’s. And the answer is no, especially not after all the havoc the United States has wreaked in the Middle East recently. The US has no real motive to attack(no, they aren’t developing nukes), so any military venture would be unfounded and subject to global backlash.

If we participate, we should do what George Bush had neither the brains nor the &amp:@((s to do, impose a WAR TAX, like all normal people do.

Besides, Israel will do it for us. We need to get something back for our $10+ billion a year.

No. When can a nation really afford to start a war?

Of course we can, and we would easily win however this would be an attempt to restore our economy that will probrobally fail and they would come up with a bs reason why they were going in.

Yes, but the U.S. should raise taxes to pay for it, rather than go deeper into debt.

No problem, just raise the debt ceiling.

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