Atheists, why do you dislike Christians and Muslims, but are fine with Hindus and Buddhists?

Is it because Christians and Muslims try to force their religion on you?

How often do you see a Hindu or Buddhist trying to force people to believe in their god? Christians and Muslims don’t stop with that ****, I mean a Hindu or Buddhist may try to explain to you what *their religion is about, in case you may want to become one, but if you don’t then they leave it alone. Christians and Muslims are just like &quot:Noooooooo! But you have to believe, there’s so much evidence!&quot: and they babble on and on and on about their religion ’til you wanna curb stomp the motherfucker to get them to shut up.

Hindus and Buddhists are tolerant of others.

Don’t tell me what I do and don’t think you pr*ck. That’s what organised religion does best.

You just answered your own question

There are many things other than just the forcing part. Many of them are very bad.

i’m not okay with any religion. Buddhism isn’t a religion.

As a general rule, I do not hate religious groups.

Ethnic cleansing ring a bell?

Yeah pretty much correct.

Uh… Because they are actually peaceful??

Atheists sometimes a racists too.

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