Are Unsilenced Lioness and Atheist Bassist the same person or are Jehovah’s Witnesses just paranoid?

there is a vicious rumor that I and Atheist Bassist are the same person.

Interesting in that I have been here for 5 years and am Female and I do not play the Bass Guitar but I do play the violin and the Piano

Bassist has been around for about 5 months and he does not play the violin and sucks at piano but is good at poetry

the only thing he and I have in common is asking Jehovah’s Witnesses questions that they have difficulty with

and we both seem to be quite bright and I am good looking but I do not know about Bassists looks

Does this make us a singular person?

What does the evidence show

What she says is true.

Lioness is attractive, and definitely female.

I am a male who is younger than Lioness, but not as young as I pretend to be with my silly questions and answers. I am 5’11, 170 pounds. Shaved head. Light brown goatee, blue eyes. No tattoos. Just an average looking guy.

We are not the same person.

Paranoid factions on here in their terror think we are the same because we both ask pointed questions about JWs.

Its hard to convince you if your minds already made up all i ask for you to do is becareful. rules &amp: regulations are for a reason, just find out if the reasons beneficial or not. Also be very careful, teachers &amp: students cannot help you gain everlasting life. There was a couple in the beginning that thought God had one, just one rule that was too much for them also, who also wanted to be the best person they thought they could be by discovering their own mistakes and falls. And fall they did &amp: mistakes they made. Look how they turned out. You however have a chance to make a wiser choice: they didnt listen to their parent but you can , in this case even though its hard sometimes listen to your mother Ephesians 6:1-3 Children, be obedient to YOUR parents in union with the Lord,for this is righteous: Honor your father and your mother: which is the first command with a promise: That it may go well with you and YOU may endure a LONG time on the earth.

Are Unsilenced Lioness and Atheist Bassist the same person or are Jehovah’s Witnesses just paranoid?

Does it matter?


Just because I am paranoid does not mean that no one is after me.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m schizophrenic … And I am too!

OK, I guess you caught me! The fact is that Unsilenced Lioness and Atheist Bassist are just figments of my imagination. In fact, there are only two real, living and breathing participants in the R&amp:S part of this forum, myself and one young lady who shall go unnamed. Everyone else is just an alternate account of hers or mine.

I think that….. you guys are the same person.
You have similar names. You guys partake in similar activities (trolling JW’s).

Oh, does the question matter at all?

Since jw cannot easily shake us wicked, evil, dog vomit loving, haters, they must attribute special ‘shape shifting’ abilities. Thus any one of us can appear and disappear at will under whatever moniker we choose.

I think I will appear tomorrow as Bar Anerges and then in the afternoon as a reincarnated Joe et al.

Well, now I don’t know. This is just turning into one big mess..

Witnesses are one step more self-righteous than Catholics, or even Muslims, but I don’t know if they are paranoid. Besides, just because they are paranoid, doesn’t mean nobody is out to get them..

How good looking are you really?

With your provocative questions which are intended to put people on the defensive, rather than provoke intellectual thought and reasonable discourse, it is probable.

Everyone here who criticizes Jehovah’s Witnesses is the same person apparently.

We should get a Spartacus type theme going in this place.

&quot:I am Unsilenced Lioness!&quot:

&quot:No, I am Unsilenced Lioness!&quot:

&quot:I am also Unsilenced Lioness!&quot:

You get the idea.

I don’t think anybody cares. I have seen a couple of both of you guys answers and they did not impress me much. Sounds like you have an ego problem and need to get it checked.

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