Am I a hatemonger simply because I support traditional marriage?

If anyone has any evidence to support the claim that I am a bigot and a hatemonger, I welcome that evidence. Let’s see it.

As far as I can remember, I have always expressed love and respect for gays and lesbians. The only thing that I have said that is negative (depending on one’s point of view) is that I do not support gay marriage. This, a hatemonger, does not make.

Seriously, people. Have I ever said, typed, or written anything remotely homophobic, or hateful, or insulting towards gays or gay marriage? Yet the strange thing is that if you simply explain to the world that you go by scripture in regards to the issue of gay marriage, you are automatically stigmatized as being a hateful, bigoted individual. I could see justifying that claim if someone were intentionally rude, cruel, and mean about their views against gay marriage. Certainly, if someone uses derogatory language about gays, that can be construed as hateful. But it puzzles me that by simply explaining that I am for traditional marriage, that I am suddenly labeled a bigot, a homophobe, a hatemonger, and a Bible thumper. Can someone please explain the logic behind this?

I think it has to do with the way the American public debate is phrased, connected to the two party system. For a long time the conservative christians framed the debate in terms of abortion, and in that they could position themselves as the good guys, saving lives. But now the progressives and seculars see a tipping point, as the support for same sex marriage is increasing, and in no way can stopping two people in love from securing their rights as a couple be seen as being the &quot:good guys&quot:.

I do feel for you. Because I know you speak from conviction. But in your country you will face the choice of choosing between a compromise of your ideas, a kind of fanaticism that doesn’t fit you, or constant ridicule by both sides.

I have glanced through all of the replies to your question so far. Such a deluge of anti you. No matter how you have attempted to water down, or mitigate, nay almost apologize, for your opinion. Maybe I am as out of touch as yourself in this regard. Had you been more forthright and just as opinionated as most of the replies you have received, then no doubt the number and ferocity of responses would have increased accordingly. I live with an average bunch of people in an average society and the vast majority opinion on this subject is very much in line with your own. With most, it is an obscenity that such a proposal should be considered only by those few individuals, our politicians, that are lobbied most virulently by minority groups while the silent majority, once again, do virtually nothing to influence them. I am not arguing as to which is right or wrong, just saying that under the freedom of speech and the laws of the land, your are as entitled to your opinion, be it right or wrong, as anyone else. The majority held view is still that you are right and most of the individuals that wrote to you are wrong. There are a bunch of unflattering, perhaps derogatory words, that could similarly be used to categorize those in opposition to your view point. Take heart that you are not alone in preferring that same sex marriages should not be made legal in our society. There are some logical arguments to support this but none that most of your responders would listen to.

Hateful you are not. I can clearly see that you like yourself some gay people. Hooray for you! However, what makes you think that bigotry requires hate? There was a time that women were not allowed to vote. Were they denied voting rights out of hate? Did most people hate women during the 19th Century? No, of course not. During slavery, many slave owners loved and respected their slaves. Tell me, how did their love and respect negate their bigotry? If you took a poll 50 years ago, most Americans were against interracial marriage. Did they have to hate interracial couples to feel that way?

Here’s the deal…..even though hatred is often associated with prejudice, racism &amp: bigotry, it has nothing to do with them. Bigotry only requires a belief that a particular group of people are inferior, or not as legitimate as other groups, and therefore, not entitled to the same treatment. Bigots advocate inequality and inequality does not require hate. People who oppose same sex marriage, simply believe that same sex couples are not worthy of the term marriage, because their relationship is abnormal/unnatural and thus inferior to heterosexual relationships. It is the same reason people opposed interracial marriage. They feel it is abnormal, against the order of things, etc, and not entitled to the same status or respect.

Simply ask yourself this question…. do you believe gay couples are equal to straight couples? If so, then you would by default have to support equal recognition by the government of gay unions. Equal recognition means the definition of marriage. Anything contrary means you are advocating inequality and therefore you are a bigot. A nice bigot with no hate, but nevertheless a bigot.

Well, let’s see:

Do you want to deny gays any of the rights and privileges that marriage currently bestows upon straight married couples automatically? Then you are (at a minimum) a bigot and if you do so because of a dislike of gays, then probably also are a hatemonger.

OTOH, if you have no problem with gay couple being granted legal equality in all ways to married straights as long as it isn’t called marriage, then you are not a hatemonger…you’re just being a pedantic idiot.

If you personally don’t like gay marriage, then okay. No skin off anyone’s nose.
However, if you try to stop homosexuals from marrying, if you accept legislation that would restrict the right of homosexuals to marry, or if you try to separate homosexuals who are married, then you are a bigot.
To tolerate something means that you accept that it occurs. It seems that you know homosexual marriage doesn’t have massive negative consequences, and leads to no detrimental damage in society, but I don’t know for sure.
Not liking it and not allowing it to happen are two different things.
If you don’t allow others who are homosexual to marry, that’s where people call you a bigot.

its the reason that can make you seem that way mg 🙁

if you dont actively go around hating gays, cool, it would be great if more christians were like that, BUT, to say they dont deserve to be married like anyone else who loves someone just BECAUSE they are gay, is kinda the same thing

why? why cant they be married? why is your view more important than their happiness and their right to find and have love and show it the same way all married couples do
the reason is , because your religion says they are an ‘abomination’ and whether you say it or not, if you agree with that and think they shouldnt be married because of it then your part of the same problem

Nope, not a hatemonger. Words do hurt even when they are rooted in false assumptions. You know false assumptions lead to false conclusions.

I find it interesting that these negative terms are hurled our way when God’s way doesn’t agree with society’s way. It’s an attempt to make us change and therefore receive society’s approval. For me, that can’t and won’t happen. You?

@sorry sista: Great answer!

No. That’s your opinion. You’re only a hate monger if you go around saying &quot:[email protected] are worthy of death&quot: and abuse gay people, verbally or physically. I’m sorry that people see you that way.

However, I’d like to know what your justifications are for opposing same-sex marriage. I’ll have you know traditional marriage does not really exist, as marriage has constantly changed. In the Old Testament, polygamy is acceptable and King Solomon had 700 wives. It is also stated that a rapist should marry their victim. There was also a time when interracial marriage was illegal, divorce was illegal and so was adultery. All of these laws have changed.

Tell me, if marriage has changed so dramatically throughout history, then what is &quot:traditional marriage&quot:?

I wouldn’t say you’re a hatemonger but &quot:Yet the strange thing is that if you simply explain to the world that you go by scripture in regards to the issue of gay marriage&quot: is frustrating as you should know that scripture is very wrong about most of what it says. I don’t mind you disagreeing with it for well thought out and constructed arguments, but because scripture says so is not good enough.

Why do you even care if a gay couple gets married? They have EVERY right to get married as you do. If you weren’t hateful, you’d simply be neutral in regards to letting them getting married, but instead you treat them as second class citizens.

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