Alright then, lets let this country degrade to the point of burning effigies of soldiers…?

defecating on american flags, burning american flags, holding vulgar signs in the streets, and everything short of open war with this government, and not hold them responsible, because who really cares right?

Who really cares how bad this country gets, they aren’t traitors until the bullets fly, right?

Hiding in your house won’t stop the inevitable decline of this country, now is the time to rise up and stop the decline in society.

I think we should burn THEM.

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate our troops is *not* worthy of the sacrifices made on their behalf for the past 230+ years.

And I agree – what a DISGRACE. Notice that those COWARDS didn’t have the cajones to be out there with out masks.

Could it be that these people are being paid to do these things to try to shame the war protesters from making their views known? Do you think Cheney would resort to this? I’m sorry. I wouldn’t put it past him or Karl Rove. Do you remember the video of the Arabs cheering in the streets after 911? That was a set up. Propaganda.

Could it be the same group that goes to the burials of our servicemen and mocks them? This is a small group of strange people. I don’t know why you want to give them any acknowledgment at all. You are making it sound like its the new American way. Far from it.

Interesting theory… so where do you propose drawing the line at protests? How far are you willing to extend freedom of speech? Only to the point where nobody offends your personal view of the country?

If you would expel from the country those who protest by burning a flag, what would you do to those who lie us into a war and get American soldiers killed? Are you proposing impeachment?

OK. Tell us how to &quot:rise up.&quot:
[The guy who defecated on that flag has more immediate problems than hating America. He’s deranged. And all the parents who stood by and let their children see him do that have other problems as well.]

excellent, someone who understands that flag burning isn’t so much the actions of someone to be held in contempt but rather a symptom of a society in decay. But for the life of me I can’t understand the purpose of burning an effigy of a soldier.


Yes vote for newt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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