6 perjury counts dropped against Barry Bonds. Your thoughts & will this help his case? Story inside-&gt:?

Prosecutors drop 6 perjury counts against Barry Bonds

Federal prosecutors today pruned back their indictment of former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds, dropping six felony counts of lying under oath about his alleged use of banned drugs.

Bonds now faces four charges of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice, all in connection with his testimony before the grand jury that investigated the BALCO sports steroid scandal in 2003.

Jury selection for the trial of baseball’s home run champion is set to begin March 21 in federal court in San Francisco.

Bonds has pleaded not guilty. In the grand jury testimony that is at issue, he said he had never knowingly used banned drugs.

Several of the charges dropped by the government referred to evidence that Judge Susan Illston has ruled off-limits in the trial, court records show.

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The defense got some of the evidence excluded before trial. As the prosecution might have needed that evidence to prove its case on those 6 counts, those counts were dropped. It could be a strategic move. The prosecution probably wants to give only a few counts to the jury rather than giving the jury the opportunity to start acquitting Bonds on some of the charges.
As this case will be tried in San Francisco, it would not surprise me if Bonds is found not guilty on all charges. I can’t imagine voting to convict someone I like who allegedly used steroids, say Brandon Spikes. I might just think, at least in that case, that it was an NFL problem which has been handled. Plus the crimes charged are not the use of steroids but lying about it to the grand jury. that is how the SEC got Martha Stewart, not for using insider information but for lying about it to the grand jury. A San Francisco jury might be persuaded to take a pass on that level of technicality.
Finally there is the Scooter’s rule of legal analysis, wealthy and famous ballplayers like Jim Leyritz don’t get convicted. If Leyritz could kill someone while driving drunk and Ray Lewis could be an accessory to murder and walk, isn’t just a little possible that a jury of 12 Giant fans might let Barry Bonds go?

90% of the people who are on Bonds case on this don’t know what the Hell they are talking
about.I challenge anybody to provide me with undisputed truth or evidence that steroids
or PEDs or all of that crap makes you a better ball player.Even doctors and so called experts
admit that it does nothing to enhance your ability to perform.All it does is make you stronger,
not better.

**** Barry Bonds!

Chip said it best.


763* Home runs

i think he did steroids…i am glad i am not him.

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