If we leave Iraq will Iran invade or take over through civil war?

The cut and run guys say they want to end the war and save lives but if we bring our troops home Iran will invade and take over Iraq and kill millions. Why then do they REALLY want to run?

They want to cut and run so they can say it was just like Vietnam. Its not like Vietnam. Iran has been a big part of the problem with the insurgency all along. If we pull, Iraq is screwed. I can see them caring if we still had a draft. But we have an all volunteer force. Even H Clinton sees that we need to be there. At least that was her last stance I think. Who the hell knows. How many of those against the war have been there? Joe Lieberman went to Iraq and he backs it. Right now he is the only Democrat, oops….i guess he’s now an Independent that I will give any credibility to.

1) give examples of members of the Democratic party (with sources containing the quotes made) saying they want to &quot:cut n’ run&quot:. Define what &quot:cut n’ run&quot: means, anyway…. besides a Karl Rove soundbyte endlessly repeated till it becomes true.

2) it seems you aren’t paying attention (that, or you watch Fox &quot:news&quot: exclusivly, thus you can’t know what is going on in Iraq right now). Iran has already been supplying men and material for the shiites. It’s no big secret that if the shiites win the current civil war, (oh, I forgot….chimpy insist there isn’t a civil war yet…..wrong again george!) that Iraq will become a pro-Iranian theocracy.

3)why are US troops still in Iraq? what good can be accomplished by the presence of US troops any longer? Why is the current Iraqi government starting to speak out against actions taken by US troops? Why do the neocons that insisted on this war REALLY want to stay?

Cut and run?

You think we should stay in Iraq forever because we destabilized that whole region?

Is Bush so dumb as to not know that Iran and Syria are a threat, after we are the ones who put Saddam in power, armed him, and had him fight Iran for us! We knew Iran was a threat then, and especially after they took our people as hostages!

Those are the consequences of our stupid invasion of Iraq, and right now it may not even be Iran who takes over.

You don’t seem to understand that we are not wanted there! We caused the civil war which Bush Sr warned about as long ago as the early 90’s!

You would have us stay there forever an have our kids brought home in body bags daily!

So what if Iran takes over Iraq? It seemed we were most interested in getting rid of Saddam than we were of anyone in Iran, so they should be better off, right?

Why don’t we just stop all the nonsense, and give Iraq back to Saddam!

Don’t look now, but Iraq is already in a civil war thanks to us!

Iran has already &quot:won&quot: in Iraq. SCIRI stands for: Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Iran suckered us into deposing Saddam, which they couldn’t do, and then simply waited until the elections brought to power people that had spent 15, 20, 25 years in Iran.

Sistani and al-Sadr are instituting the Iranian taliban in Iraq. Way to go George W Bush!

The problem with your argument it this.

the logical conclusion is that the troops must be present in order for the country to never fall apart.

thats the flaw in your thinking, that the Iraqi people will not have an all out fight for power and dispose of all the american installed institutions.

and to follow your logic to its conclusion is we never leave…..or we take a side in the Iraqi civil war…and then we just replace saddam not give the people thier will.

explain to me why we should sacrifice our troops during their civil war.

I agree..we could continually purely fund a military to guard commerce. State Militias are appropriate for cover. What which skill is we’d now no longer have the means to be the Worlds Police and The Dems and Rinos might in no way provide that up no count how they could trample your freedom and Liberty.

I have the solution..

How bout we say yay we won.. Declare victory and leave.. So we don’t leave a loser.. Everyone’s happy. Dems are happy cause we left, and Reps are happy because we didn’t lose..

Seriously, I don’t think very many are talking about up and leaving. That is just a rep talking point that you obviously swallowed..

Civil war is enough, Shiites have a huge majority.

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