Did Ronald Reagan start to develop alzheimer’s during the Iran-Contra Affair?

fourteen administration officials were charged with crimes, and eleven convicted, including then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger


I doubt it.

That is a myth that the Radical Left trots out on a regular basis.

REALLY ? Your going to go there ? Dude, you can’t take one small facet of a Presidents decision and try and condemn the man for it. Overall Reagan did a hell of a job, and has put Obama to shame since he had to fight a Democrat Congress for everything he wanted and got us out of Carters deep Recession without inflation roaring back. So far Obama has given us only a song and dance about &quot:hope and change&quot:, and while you were sucking down the kool-aid, he’s stolen taxpayer money to push his agenda for infrastructure work, and keeping government and union unemployment down to 3% while the rest of us have had to deal with a real rate of 18%. He’s been putting his foot in his mouth, lying his a$$ off, mis-using his power, and manipulating as much as he can to get his way without putting legislation to a vote in the Congress. Obama care didn’t pass in the Congress through voting. Obama is working now to give the FCC power over the internet and the EPA power over cap and trade enforcement. Get a clue, your boy in the White House now is such a fraud and failure he makes Reagan look even better than before.

During his Presidency, Raygun developed Alzheimer’s whenever he felt it was politically advantageous to lose his memory. People look at movies like, &quot:Bedtime for Bonzo&quot: and think Raygun was a bad actor. No so. Raygun was a superb actor.

Well, yes, but I’m not saying so to deride him. He began flubbing lines badly in his last term, and the Presidential Daily Briefing was shortened for him. His aides were quick to assert that &quot:He’s not a man for details. He sees the big picture&quot:. But I think he could no longer digest a full report properly. The health of the president is never fully disclosed, and this has always been a charged issue through various administrations. I’m a former nursing assistant, and I have only empathy for him regarding this.

i actually met mr reagan during the 1976 presidential primary… he had the same vacant look in his eyes then that i saw in the eyes of so many patients in the nursing home where i worked – people who’s minds were completely gone. after exchanging a few words with him, my perception was strongly reinforced.

i would have to say his alzheimer’s had taken root a LONG time before iran-contra.

(granted i’m not a neurologist, but the diagnosing of alzheimer’s 35 years ago was in it’s infancy. we didn’t even have CT scans available in those days, much less MRI’s.)

It started around 1980.

Yes. The pride of the far right was a piece of work.

wait till some authentic biography appears

Like FDR, Reagan hid his medical problems well.

He started showing symptoms by then.

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