What?!! Beyonce only spent $3500 on her baby crib?

How cheap!!
You’d thought the crib would cost something like 100,000.

She’s still a very high maintenance mother

There is a lot of cash in this world. We can only imagine. I hope that if I were ever to become that wealthy, that I would never spend 400 on hair cuts, 1000’s on outfits, several thousands on one night at a hotel, or a thousand dollars for a chocolate sunday in a NY restaurant or some other bs like that. There are way too many people starving and hurting in this world. But, such is life.

545$ seems a splash too costly to me. Cribs are ranging from approximately one hundred funds and for 250 funds you will come across a somewhat good one. i individually recommend you to look the function as properly. Having wheels helped me lots – shifting the crib interior the mattress room grew to become into elementary. evening time – good next to our mattress, day time next to the window for some sunshine and so on. And there are convertible cribs as properly. after a while, you could convert them to a toddler mattress and so on… i’m father of two and the toddler is utilising a similar crib as his brother…


Hey, It’s for Blue Ive, .Obviously they don’t like the kid very well or they wouldn’t have gave it that name so why spend a bunch of money on a kid ya don’t even like.

her underwear does not even cost that…

who give a **** shes selfish as hell!

True that!

its her baby….so she can do what she wants

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