If everyone is striving to write perfect music, then why are there so many bad bands?

Strange question, maybe, but assuming that everyone wants to write the best music, (I’ll use The Beatles just now as a template for the best band – we could argue for hours, but I think as a musical band they’ve made the biggest impact) then why do loads of bands these days sound like they’re not even trying or sound like cheap copies? Is it deliberate? Surely it can’t be. If everyone is trying to write music as good as bands from the sort of 70’s/80’s then why have they not yet been matched? Why do people bother writing pop songs about girls that don’t work rather than locking themselves in a studio and writing for years to come up with perfect album?

There are artists who do just that…lock themselves up for years trying to make the &quot:perfect&quot: album, and darn near wind up with a nervous breakdown in the process…and then still find that the &quot:perfect&quot: album/CD doesn’t sell…while someone else goes into the studio, lays down tracks that are basically garbage, and it goes platinum within weeks!

I’ve been at this since the 1970s, and I can tell you the music business despite its veneer of glamour is a very TOUGH business to make it in, and at times the pressures and rejections involved can really be injurious to the soul of a songwriter or performer. The music business in general, and the recording industry in particular, is one of those fields where many are called, but few are chosen, and just because you are &quot:chosen&quot: it doesn’t mean you are the truly talented one, and it definitely doesn’t mean you’ll get to have creative control.

Some occupational hazards? Your music &quot:babies&quot: can and will oftentimes get sliced, diced, and ripped apart over and over by people who can’t tell one note from another, and then you’ll be told by some rather arrogant SOBs that you need to write more &quot:poppy&quot: songs in order to sell…even when the LAST thing you want to do is to write and/or record &quot:poppy&quot: stuff!

Ok, so then you can make an album that is considered a &quot:masterpiece&quot:…only to have the label hold it for a year, and then decide not to release at all…and then drop you from the label for the most pithy of reasons…and because of clauses in the contracts, you can’t take that &quot:masterpiece&quot: with you to try to get put out by someone else or even to self-produce because it belongs to the record company! Happens all the time..even to the top recording artists! So-called &quot:indie&quot: artists have a bit more leeway, but even they have the pressure put on them to have immediate results. Sure we have creative control…and often times self-record and publish, but we don’t make the big bucks in the process. Sometimes it becomes a matter of having 100% of nothing…so then the big $64K question is, do I continue to be loyal to my art and never be considered a success, or do I finally go for the gold and release music that sells and makes me a star?

Unfortunately, the attitude in the music business right now seems to be that &quot:art&quot: and &quot:perfection&quot: in music creation is a luxury left to the amateur who doesn’t want or can’t make it to the top. I’ve gone to several songwriting/music industry conferences and I can tell you for a fact that for the record companies, It’s all about making the money roll in by any means necessary…even if they have to put out mediocre crap in order to do it! The music business is more profit driven than creativity driven, and most of the executives care more about getting the next bazillion dollar hit rather than developing an act and having them make the &quot:artistically perfect&quot: album/CD.

As for &quot:bad&quot: bands…I think that is very subjective. What’s bad to you isn’t necessarily bad to someone else. There are some artists who are constantly slagged by some, and were considered dead and buried…but they are perennial because over the years they’ve developed a devoted fanbase who will buy everything they put out…to those fans, their band/artist is &quot:perfect&quot: and nothing you say will convince them otherwise.

As for your statement re: the Beatles as the template for best band…

Sure we glorify the Beatles now, but keep in mind that back in the day there were many people who thought the Beatles and their music was &quot:trash.&quot: In fact, this band was rejected by several major record labels including Capitol Records and then-powerful Decca Records. Lest you think everything the Beatles touched turned to gold, they also had several verifiable &quot:clunkers&quot: in their music catalog, too. I think the constant pressure to churn out the &quot:hits&quot: to the point of sacrificing creativity was part of their undoing along with a few other things.

Basically you’re asking &quot:why does everyone want to be correct but so many are wrong?&quot:

Well nobody is perfect. And the best band is different in many people’s perception. The perfect music would be the one that everyone loves and can listen to it non-stop – which apparently doesn’t exist as fast as I know.

Lack of talent. And then again &quot:perfect&quot: is subjective. I hate rap and r&amp:b for some that’s the best music on the planet. And I know some people who swear by pop that would make me retch. All in the eye (ear) of the beholder.

because everyone wants to be in the entertainment industry so they rush to it like a gold miner in California. Music today is garbage, its rare to find musical gems, but sooner or later people will realize the unromantic movement and utter crap in music and it’ll be harder for them to succeed so the better artists will prevail.

Have you heard Money for nothing from Dire Straits? There u have the answer!

because every one want to be the best instead of being themselves so they develop writers block

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