Why do most christians and atheists think that Islam is not a good or right religion?

Why do most christians and atheists think that Islam is not a good or right religion?
even though they ignore every thing about it, they only juge from the bad acts which are done by terrorists under the Islam flag. As a muslim I wanna really know why they do that without having a real idea about Islam? because it needs to take a deep look to it + I have much things that prove that it is right but most muslims don’t apply it as well as it should be.

I have known about your religion for many years. I have talked to many men &amp: women of your faith. It is definitely a man’s religion with women being submissive and subservient. This is NOT my opinion, it is factual. As the years go by, it has gotten much worse in women and children being molested, put in prison for ?, children taken away for sex slavery, etc. I have read about and asked questions about the Qur’an from members of Islam. Bottom line: Islam is a religion based on one man’s point of view mingled with scripture. I don’t read or hear anything that is benevolent or all hail Allah. I respect people as people, not on what religion they choose. I have many associates and families that are Islamic and we get along well. I respect their beliefs and holidays and they respect mine.

1) the Koran. Skeptics annotated. Not a happy book filled with knock knock jokes. I urge everyone to read this book. Heck, it would even be nice if Muslims would start reading it since apparently they skip that part. Judging from the Muslims comments. 2) sharia law. Which comes from the Koran. Which is supported by Muslims. 3) the news. 4) As for the terrorists, Islam produces most of them. Why ? Who cares ? The fact that it does is more than enough to show that Islam is flawed. 5) As for the atheists, even if you assume that Islam is a harmless fuzzy bunny, it’s still a religion and still a collection of fairy tales, at best. And therefore, believing in it is still stupid and harmful b/c it’s still a way to ignore reality.

islam isnt just a religion, it is a way of life. it is supposed to guide people to live a happy and moral life and steer you away from wrong (however morality is measured in islam). unfortunately many muslims have misinterpreted the religion and use it the wrong way, or they refuse to go forward with time and let the religion evolve, instead trying to force everyone to live as people did 1500 years ago. and the fact that women are considered second class citizens in most muslim countries (excluding the secular ones) doesnt help the image.

Because Islam is not compatible with Democracy. An Islamic government is a Theocracy. Theocratic rule is similar to a dictatorship.

You can worship whatever you want as long as you abide by the host nation’s laws. Your religion’s law cannot supersede the laws of land.

Most of the terrorism in the world today is of insane radical religionistic people. Their minds are diseased and rotted by the religion they follow blindly.

&quot:The way to see by Faith is to shut the eye of Reason.&quot:

[Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard, 1758]

As an atheist, I don’t believe Allah exists. Since everything in Islam flows from Allah, I therefore think that those things are not right.

All that time spent praying is wasted.
Religion and government should be separated.
Attempts to impose religion upon government should always be resisted.
The rule of law should in no way depend on religion, and punishments for law-breaking should be decided by secular courts.

There are no right or good religions, but Islam continues to make a lot of headlines with violence and war when Christianity seems to have settled down with some discrimination and irrational mumbling now and then.

Most atheists don’t think any religion is the right religion, especially when there is a god involved since there is no evidence for any gods. As for atheists thinking it isn’t a good religion, I don’t know if I would say most. I know me personally, I don’t think its that bad if practiced right, though some fundamentalists and the media have made the world think it is some horrible religion, it really isn’t.


&quot:A God is not measured by the scope of their power, but by what they choose to do with that power.&quot:

The Muslim variation of the shepardic God, known to the Jews, the Christians, and the Mohammadians, is a particularly… small minded… version. Demanding that all the world &quot:submit&quot: to his will, and subsume all their choices to that will. He insists upon Jihad, first of the word, and if the word is rejected, by the sword, and conversion upon the threat of death can not make true believers. In addition to this, there are a number of rather confusing statements in the Koran. (&quot:Who was the first Muslim?&quot: is answered four different ways… etc.)

MOST don’t, but the ones who do get the most attention. Why do much Muslims assume the Christians are all like the ones in the media… get the point?

As an atheist I don’t really see any difference between Islam or Christianity.
Neither is &quot:real&quot:.
And no religion is &quot:good&quot:.

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