Dog bit someone! proof that a dog does not have rabies?

I do not suspect rabies, my dog does not show any signs of having rabies, it is just that my dog unfortunately bit someone and does not have his rabies shots(i know i should have gotten them T.T), and that person asked for proof that the dog does not have rabies, that is why were looking to get some written proof that says my dog does not have rabies
is there no way to assure that a dog does not have rabies? would a vet visit suffice to prove this?

Didn’t you just ask this question under a different account? If you didn’t, you must have copied and pasted the question that’s right below this one. Read the answers to that one.

Add: YES you did! When you click on your bluekitty profile, it says Paulina G, the person who asked this SAME question right below this one.

REPORTED for copying and pasting another person’s question, word per word.

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