How to Get Ready for Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts?

So my tryouts are in 81 days. I’ll just copy &amp: paste what it says from the school website.

2013-2014 MS Cheer tryouts: May 20-22
Cheer Clinics will be held on Monday, May 20, Tuesday, May 21 with evaluation day on Wednesday, May 22. Clinics will be held in the HS gym from 2:45-5:00
Required Parent Cheer meeting on Monday, May 20 from 4:30-5:00 in HS gym
Cheerleaders will be told individually on the third day if they have made the squad. Evaluations usually begin around 4 with incoming 7th graders and typically last until approximately 6:00. Parents are advised to wait in the HS stadium parking lot as the girls are dismissed from evaluations.
Evaluation material required:
Jump: Varsity and one of choice
Tumbling: Round-off and one of choice (either another round off, standing back handspring, round off back handspring or back tuck). No cartwheels, front walkers, front handsprings.
2 -3 chants
1-2 cheers
Spirit/Stage Presence

I’ve been stretching every night, but I’m really scared that I’m not going to make the team, because a lot of girls in my grade have their back handsprings, but I don’t have mine.

I only have my roundoff, but I’m scared that’s not going to be enough. Any tips? 🙂


Myra xx

You’ll do fine! 🙂
-Keep stretching! Cheer focuses a lot on core strength. Try sitting on the ground in a straddle/your splits if you have them and lifting one leg at a time and holding it or moving it in a circular motion while keeping your back and waist straight, using no hands.
-If you don’t have your splits/toe touch, go up against the wall with your legs up and spread them open as far as you can, then have someone hold them like that and move them further down every ten seconds
-Practice your approach for jumps. Counting helps. Remember, after your jump, land with your knees bent, arms straight, and flip yo hair gurrl! Haha(:
-Do push ups and planks! You’ll thank me in the end!
-Do you have your handstand down? Practice it! Keep your legs straight and hold it, and try to land back down in a lunge.
-Point your toes! This is super important.
-Feet together! Alwayyys!
-Smile 🙂
-BE SHARP. I cannot stress this enough. You need to have attitude lmao, and be confident!

Don’t be nervous, tryouts are far away! Good luck

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Too long, didn’t read.

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