Would the John McCain and the Republicans stand a chance against a CLINTON-OBAMA ticket??

Hillary hinted that she was open to the idea of both her and Obama being on the ticket.

It may actually happen.

Would they win? Would McCain stand a chance?

Obama would handicap Clinton’s chances more than enhance them…since those voting for Obama would certainly NOT vote Republican, whereas the converse is not true! Clinton may hint all she wants, which does not say she’ll go through with it–it’s her prerogative as a lady and as a politician. For that matter, why shouldn’t she choose Bill to be her running mate?

Maybe. McCain polls well with moderates and independents. Those are the groups anyone needs to win to be president. They are only 13% of the voters though! The rest know who they will vote for, Democrat or Republican.

Hillary and Obama do not get along though. I don’t think they will share the ticket.

McCain definitely has a chance because he is very popular with that 13% and Hillary is not. Obama…welll no one really knows.

probably a better chance. The real taxpayers in this country will be out in force. The young people are blinded by their rhetoric, but by the time the election rolls around they should be aware of the tax burden they will face once they start making a real living. Obama’s plan to raise payroll taxes (the largest tax we all pay) will devastate the economy. Companies pass on high taxes in the form of lower wages. Is this what you are voting for?

It’s interesting because Hillary Clinton actually understands that, but every time Obama talks about nailing &quot:the rich&quot: his constituents go crazy! Yeah! They have no clue.

McCain is pretty much already out of the picture. The media focuses more on the Democratics than John McCain. McCain wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hell.

McCain hasn’t got much of a chance winning against either of them Solo. Half his party is either not voting for him or voting Democrat. He is no better than the creep in office now.

First of all Obama would not ask Hillary. I don’t think he trusts her. He would constantly have to watch his back.

Second, McCain is probably going to win because several Democrats have already defected to the Republican side because they can’t stand who they have to choose from.

I think that would be the strongest ticket the Democrats could come up with at this time, and that it would be hard for McCain to beat.

But don’t forget, he gets to pick a VP too. So he could come up with a similarly attractive ticket, at least theoretically.

Probably not. But making it a reality is going to be like holding two Monster Magnets together by like poles.

Actually it would be a good move for B.O. even thought the Obamaniacs would throw a fit. It would set him up very nicely for 2016.

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I would vote for Obama if he wasn’t with Hillary but if any combination of Hillary and Obama and I won’t vote for them and go republican

I don’t want Hillary in the White House what so ever

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