Why do women feel abortion as a form of birth control is not murder?

no honestly..why do women feel that way? I think that even deep down they know..they know it is not right, but why not say .oh i know life starts at creation but i still wish to have an abortion? why try and argue no it starts when they breath?? I would respect a women more who is honest and says that than to say no,,it starts when they are out of me crap..sorry but gosh..come on people. COME ON!! LETS BE HONEST!! Please!

Im pro choice, but i agree it is going to turn into a form of birth controll. You also have to think of why she is pregnant. Was she raped? if so then yess go for the abortion. Or if its a teen pregnancy, the baby is going to be living an hecktic dramatic unstable life and the mother probably wont be able to afford it, not saying that all teen pregnancies are failurs. But say a 23 year old gets pregnant with her partner but they dont want a kid, to bad your stupid ou get stuck with a baby But as a form of birth control it is murder, becuase its your fault and there are things called condoms unprotected sex=pregnancy. I agree with you.

First of all, please be specific with your assumptions – SOME women might feel this way. Some, not all. Not even most.

Secondly, you need to clarify what you mean as &quot:a form of birth control.&quot: Do you mean using abortion as a last-resort method of ending unwanted pregnancy, or neglecting other forms of preventing the pregnancy in the first place? There’s a big difference between a person who is too irresponsible to use a pill or a condom in the first place, and a person who gets pregnant despite all reasonable preventative measures.

The debate about when life begins is very subjective, and directly related to strong religious and philosophical beliefs. So it can’t be decided unanimously, once and for all, for everyone on the planet. People will always disagree on this issue: the best we can do is simply to respect each other’s beliefs, and settle on reasonable compromises.

Well first of all, let me say that I am a woman and I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control. Am I dead set against it? No. I do believe there are certain circumstances under which abortion is a realistic possibility. Do I think that simply forgetting to use a condom or not wanting to use a condom is one of those circumstances? Absolutely not. I may not believe so strongly that abortion is murder that I am 100% opposed to the procedure, but I d not see it as just another form of birth control so please do not make sweeping generalizations about women (or any other group of people).

Second, why do you care what we believe? You have your beliefs and we leave you alone about them. Why can’t you leave other people alone about their beliefs? Just because 2 people don’t agree on something doesn’t mean one person has to be right and one has to be wrong. Different is not wrong. You respect the person, you respect that they believe differentlt than you do, and you walk away.

I mean its wrong to use it as a means of birth control ( meaning being very irresponsible and then having numerous abortions) However how you can you justify the difference of getting one abortion or getting 20. I dont think using it as birth control is right but i also think every women has a choice. It’s their body, their life and if they can live with themselves after doin it once or 20 times then thats on them.

why do you expect that what you believe is what all women believe? or even should believe? suggest you &quot:come on&quot: and get over yourself as the only one with the &quot:truth&quot: in her possesion, live and let live.

It’s easy to hate if you have preconceptions about their beliefs.

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