I Need Advice From Guys And Girls Pleaseeeeeee. (:?

Okay, well I’m a freshman in high school, and i just moved to the school i go to now about a month and a half – 2 months ago. Anyways, ever since my first day there’s a guy in my english class that i think is complety gorgeous. Well, I have talked to some of his friends, but never talked to him. And I sort of feel that he likes me too, because I always catch him looking at me during class, and when we pass in the halls he always looks at me, and when he’s making jokes in class, he looks at me.

Now I don’t know if he likes me, or not.
But I like him.

I’m not comfortable with telling him I like him, because we have never talked and I barely know him.
He doesnt have a myspace or facebook, so i cant get to know him on that.

What I want to know is, what do i do to build a relationship with him? And based on what I’ve said, do you think he likes me?

Thanks! (:

-oh btw, we both play sports, so i guess we have that in common.

Send him a note do you like me and do you want to be my friend check yes or no. Good luck

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