i think i can understand how 2012 might happen?

so ive been thinking, and ive had an idea. i just wanted it to get to you guys. i don’t believe the world will end in 2012, but ive been seeing HOW it COULD happen.
i would first like to point this out: an earthquake struck haiti, a place already struggling.
one month later: an even bigger earthquake struck. not only is this earthquake bringing tsunamis to other countries, it also so happens that the earths rotation has been changed and our day has become shorter. i don’t know about you guys, but when i heard that there was an earthquake powerful enough to change the earth’s natural course, i felt that this is a power that only a catastrophic event could exceed. think about it: a 2012 disaster would have that kind of effect, and possibly worse. do you guys understand?
what else could end the world?
oh yeah, almost forgot that some very unfriendly people in North Korea are ignoring pleads from other countries and are deciding to go on with their nuclear bomb programs. yeah, i find it very possible that north korea could start a nuclear war or just bomb its enemies.
oh yeah, iran is gaining radioactive elements, right? or some country in the middle east, i cant remember…
what else could destroy the world/human civilization?
i heard about this thing called global warming. just a little thing, really, unless the ice caps melt. if that happens, guess what? its been calculated that cities like New York with their huge sky scrapers would be thousands of feet under water.
if i can remember correctly, earthquakes starting up, the ice caps melting, and a nuclear war would kill us all. and it would fit the mayan prophecy of the end of the world.
i don’t really believe the world will end, but i think that its possible, and with the latest events, that possibility is getting even bigger.

A: t large earthquakes happen all the time, a series of really bad ones like this happened in the 40’s and there is normally 1-4 really bad ones per year
B: the earth rotation changes alot even the 3 gorges dam in china had an effec t, so does the redistribution of ice at the poles and many other factors
C: north korea nuclear program currently has missles that could just about reach Alaska and should they attack anywhere even china (there only real ally) has said they will bring them down
D:your an idiot Iran can now enrich its uranium by 20%…. not the 90% needed to make it weapons grade best they could do is make a dirty bomb which i could make if i brough several million smoke alrams
E: it will take longer than 2 years for global warming to have any effect like that (like hundreds maybe thousands of years more) and water levels wouldn’t reach that high

finally the mayan NEVER predicted ANYTHING would happen at the end of the long count apart from them starting it again

The world isn’t gonna end.
Sure, WWIII is around the corner, but not the end of the world.

nah the world isn’t ending for a very long time! I hope when it does end, it will end in a zombie acopolypse :)!

nah, chuck norris is gonna get cut by someone in line at walmart, and hes gonna roundhouse kick em’ and it will be so powerful that it will end the world

i knew that,
but im understanding how to avoid it.
thats where i am..

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