Why are gas prices coming down and will Obama keep them coming down?

A guy in another post mentioned that gas prices might be coming down because of the Offshore drilling bill being passed in DC.

Now if democrats are against drilling and for some reason give it a hard time during Obama’s administration doesn’t that mean we screwed worse than we were a few months back?

btw – I’m a registered democrat so dont start attacking me , I just try to think objectively as much as I can.

Obama has PROMISED to raise the price of fossil fuels (including gas and diesel) through &quot:Carbon Taxes&quot:

so NO, the price of gas will not remain low in the Obama administration.
The reason for the higher prices will be OBAMA…

Obama is against offshore drilling and is also against the use of coal to liquid technology so yes the prices will continue to go up until we can use our own resources instead of foreign countries that do not like us.

By the way, if someone Democrat or Republican started the clean coal to liquid technology years ago, we would be independent of foreign oil, we have over 500 years of coal and don’t use it to create gasoline, we are flying B-52’s on it right now, and its cleaner than JP-4

This will be the most objective answer you will get all night:

Gas prices are coming down because of yes the offshore drilling. It’s all supply and demand: now that we don’t need the arab’s OPEC oil anymore, they have to charge it to us for less for us to keep buying it.

Also, Obama isn’t in yet, until January 20th. But yes, ONCE he is in, if he repeals offshore drilling:

1) anybody is allowed to drill on OUR SHORES as long as it’s a measly 5 miles off the coast, meaning it could be a national security issue.

2) The supply of oil would go down, because we would have less to drill and bring up at once… So the price (demand) would go up, and the arabs at OPEC would raise prices until americans thought the word &quot:depression&quot: sounded good!

3) I don’t know why the heck you’re a democrat. The dems are the party of closed-minded fools who don’t look at both sides of the issue. Those of them that do (like you) turn republican, because they eventually see the intellectual, philosophical, and logical thought that the conservatives have, and the liberals don’t. This is just a living example of how quickly liberals turn into braying, vicious attack dogs who try to rip apart anybody who actually uses a brain and logically questions one of their religious tenants. For example, using logic on gun control, abortion, them censoring religion in schools but then claiming to be for freedom of speech, or border control is sure to set them off.

The speculators drove the prices up and also supply and demand took effect. Think about it, I know my driving was curtailed when gas was over four bucks a gallon. Obama will be less helpful than McCain because he is against drilling.

Gas was just another economic bubble. Under no normal circumstance would it have gotten as high as $4/gal.

Now that this bubble has burst, gas prices have returned to where they ought to be: around the $2 mark. I think that oil and gas prices are at (or at least near) their bottoms.

The President of the United States has nothing to do with the price of gasoline being as low as it is now.

The gas prices have dropped because we are in a recession. There’s a fear that there won’t be a demand for as much gasoline because people won’t be able to afford to fill up as much as they used to. Now that it’s as low as it is… it’s encouraging all of us to fill up now more than ever. One thing that I have noticed is larger cars are being parked more than driven.

Obama has nothing to do with the price of gas or tea in China.Demand is down and the middle eastern producers can’t stick it to us like they would like to.Even after dropping production.46 dollars a barrel and dropping.Hip Hip Hoo ray!

Gas prices are down because the price of oil is down.
Obama has no power to raise or lower gas prices.
He is not even President yet!!

Gas prices are coming down due to lower demand as a result of a global recession.

Drilling will not lower gas prices.
Drilling takes years if not decades to be productive.
And even if ANWR and whatever else you wanted to drill were productive – the amount created is tiny compared to that coming from elsewhere.
So it would have no real impact on the price.

i do no longer see what obama has to do with any of this, or extra importantly, how romney will characterize any style of exchange to any of this. i’m fairly attracted to your ‘wages’ declare although. wages contained in usa have been stagnant because of the fact the 1980’s or in decline. this suggests wages have been in decline for a technology. so, returned what has any of this to do with obama. and the gas declare (that gas replaced into at or under $2 a gallon by potential of the top of the bush term – that is in basic terms no longer real. and easily to sort of real up your inflation numbers: the dollar has lost ninety six% of that is cost because of the fact the privately held federal reserve took over our financial coverage in 1913. so returned, i’m seeing long term developments in basic terms persevering with under obama and that i see no reason romney could regulate the path of any of this – he particularly hasn’t reported so in any speech i’ve got heard. inform you what, if romney desperate to disband the federal reserve and supply that authority decrease back to the congress under authority given interior the form, or perhaps audit the federal reserve – he’d get my vote. yet he’s no longer asserting any of it particularly is he?

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