What are some ways to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict?


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of always hearing about how Israel is persecuting the Palestinians, or vise-versa. I have come up with the ultimate solution to this problem that will benefit both sides.

We should give the Israelis the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming has to be the most useless state in the Union. Have you ever heard of anything good to come out of Wyoming? I sure haven’t. Here’s what the state’s website says about Wyoming:

Of all the trout species of fish that can be found in Wyoming waters, only the cutthroat trout is native to Wyoming!

There are over 27,000 miles of fishable streams in Wyoming.


But anyway, if Israel was given Wyoming, everyone would be happy, except the residents of Wyoming, but they don’t matter. Iran’s president wouldn’t be threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the map, and the Palestinians would have their land back. The people of America wouldn’t care that they lost a state. Half of them don’t even know Wyoming exists. And the Jews wouldn’t be persecuted by the Arabs anymore, so they’d have no reason to invade neighboring countries. Hezbollah wouldn’t have anyone to attack, so they’d focus on helping Lebanon improve.

Wyoming is useless. Man, I hate Wyoming.

Well it’s a pressing question that should be prioritized by the international community, and unfortunately there is no single answer. We need to look at a few factors that stand in the way.

1. The Palestinian right of return – During and directly after Israel’s victory in 1948, a large number of Palestinians either left their homes or were expelled. Some went at the behest of Arab governments, others because the Israeli Defense Forces could not strategically accomodate potential enemies living along their supply lines. Just how many left and what there reasons were depend on who you ask.

The descendents of those Palestinians, in many cases, want their land back. The Israeli government has offered to compensate them for their land, knowing that if they allow the influx of Palestinian refugees into Israel, the state will lose its Jewish identity. This is an issue on which most Israelis regardless of political affiliation are united. The Palestinians will have to forfeit their right to return. I simply don’t see any way around that.

2. The status of Jerusalem – Israel won the Six Day War in 1967, capturing East Jerusalem, which formerly belonged to Jordan. They united the capital. Again, I don’t see Israelis as willing to forfeit part of their holiest city for a future Palestinian state.

3. The Israeli occupation – Palestinians want a complete withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank. Israel withdrew from the former under Ariel Sharon, but terrorists continued to launch missiles from there, which resulted in Israeli military operations. Pro-Palestinians will argue that the Israelis still occupy the air and seaspace around Gaza, making it a virtual prison. I don’t know enough about this to comment.

4. Terrorism and the failure to recognize Israel – The only regional powers to share peace treaties with Israel are Jordan and Egypt (and Turkey, if you want to count them). Nations like Syria and Iran are still technically at war with Israel, and they fund terrorist groups, who readily attack civilian and military targets. Israel is hesitant to enter into peace agreements unless these groups are disarmed.

So there are a few issues that need to be worked out. The world’s only Jewish state occupies a land the size of New Jersey, and yet even that is too much for some. When the Jews didn’t have a state, people would say that anti-Semitism would stop if only they had their own nation. When they got their own nation, people would say that if only Israel didn’t exist there would be no anti-Semitism.

The Jewish people are rightfully defensive. But they have been willing to compromise to an extent. It’s going to take more responsibility on the part of Arab governments to reach an acceptable settlement.

Last, I think that education and economic prosperity will help the situation. Many authoritarian regimes in the Middle East operate under corruption. If they actually help to improve the standard of living in their respective countries, the levels of frustration and anti-Israel sentiment will dwindle.

It’s a truly complex situation, and if there were obvious ways to solve it, we wouldve come up with them by now.

There is no solution as long as the US supports Israel’s continued expansion into Palestine. Israel has ignored all the UN resolutions against it and continues to build settlements on Palestinian land.
Israel should have kept the original agreement and stayed within its 1949 borders. They could have built a solid wall if it was necessary along the actual borders.
However, if they had kept their promises, including right of return, there would not be the conflict there is now.

On the other hand, as suggested, Wyoming may be a good option.

To educate each side the right way to empower every different. ie Israeli’s educate Arabs the right way to make their lives bigger and Arabs educate Israeli’s the right way to make their lives bigger or initiatives that could want enter from each for the fiscal attain of each. The merchandise of the combined marriages might be dependable for the initiatives when you consider that they could be the absolutely to be purpose and now not take aspects.

Only God himself can solve it. Why do so many people think Israel should give up their landWe would all be in big trouble if we had to sacrifice land that was taken from others. Not to mention the arabs would have to give it right back since they stold it once too.

The Arabs are upset because long, long ago, God proclaimed the Jews to be His people. How do you resolve that other than accepting what God has said? I sure would not mess with God’s chosen people, and we are only blessed in showing them respect and support. Time for some acceptance in the other Arab nations, or further turmoil awaits them.

Like 2 children fighting over the same toy.

Teach the Arabs to love their kids more than they hate the Jews. It really is that simple. Stop giving up land for concessions that the Palestinians never follow.

The United States should end foreign aid to Israel. No money, no war.

Build a huge wall between Israel and the people who are trying to kill them for existing. Oh yeah, that’s right. Israel is already doing that, and the UN is trying to stop them. Guess the best way would be to IGNORE the UN.

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