Is everyone ready for an Obama-Reid-Pelosi super-majority government?

Just keep a copy of your pay stub today. Compare it with your pay stub two years from now. You’ll be in &quot:shock and awe&quot: as to how much more your taxes will be in 2010.

And did you know that soon you’ll be rich. Everyday the Obama definition of &quot:rich&quot: is going down. First it was for those earning 250K. Then it got lowered to 200K. Now some democrats are claiming that families earning 150K are rich. Soon everybody will be rich and will have to pay way more taxes (except perks Pelosi of course).

It’s so good to hear that there are some intelligent Americans left. Kudos to you!!!

Yes, I’m ready. I bought some hip waders a few days ago because we are going to be in deep doo-doo, my friend.

Yeah, right, the Republicans were saying the same thing about Clinton, and remember how good things were under him? Obama is pledged to cut taxes for the middle class. And historically people do much better economically under Democratic administrations.

Don’t give up hope , the polls are tightening and McCain will be the victor on the 4th .

But it would be hilarious to watch the fight to see which one gets to be the &quot:Premiere&quot:

On pins and needles.

I am . Is the shock and awe as bad as the scare tactics the right wing is spewing

Yes! Can’t wait til we can actually get some work done in this country!

I can’t wait!

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