How much Is an Teacup yorkie dog.?

I want a tiny dog that I can fit in to my purse an I can dress up but not all the time. What I want is a Teacup Yorkie now this is where I need to know how much is this breed and a price range. Now I want to find the best breeder even if I have to fly him or her out here I will. And I need the mouth to mouth care of this breed and cost. At this time I am living in a house that dose not allow dogs But in the next year or two I will be moving and I need that time to save.

Hey Car…I know this does not answer your question….
It will be very costly, if you do have to have it flown, I just wouldn’t do it….I did that last year, spent a fortune, and the little dog never got over the trauma….I took her to a shelter and they had a waiting list amile long for a dog like her, she needed constant…24-7 attention…the flight is not good for them, she has probably recovered now, but I just couldn’t spend enough time with her…..now on the other hand…
I have gotten 3 mutts from the shelter myself and they were fantastic dogs….fantastic…so, just a thought, there are so many dogs that need homes, why not at least go take a look???? Bet you one of em will grab your heart!!!! good luck and happy holidays to you.

Well, if you’re &quot:sericus&quot:….

1. No such thing as a &quot:teacup&quot: Yorkie. &quot:Teacup&quot: is a marketing term that basically translates into &quot:sickly, runt dog&quot:. People who breed for size over any other trait are NOT good breeders. Anyone who advertises &quot:Teacup&quot: dogs is utterly unethical.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America has an excellent discussion on &quot:Teacup Yorkies&quot::

2. To find an ETHICAL Yorkie breeder in your area, start here:

Contacting breeders directly will give you a better idea of price ranges in your region.

Good luck.

it may be greater useful if to procure a conventional sized yorkie by using fact the teacup ones are poorly bred and go through well being issues. Yorkies are exciting and playful, they’re energetic and prefer to run and play. some may be very noisy and bark lots however in case you practice and socialise at a youthful age it might effect in a reliable friendly canines. they don’t get very massive. approximately 30cm on the main

please look this:
Over 27 years experience in breeding
Teacup Yorkshire Terriers
Owner/Breeder: Kory Feick
Near Colorado Springs Co, &amp: Crestline Ca,

Ca, (909)338-6821 or Co, (719)347-2004
or Cell: (949)306-1484

For the Dec. you may to get the puppy over $1,000
Jason Homan


Teacup Yorke’s might be small but not as small to fit into your purse only when they are puppies.

and around where i live the usual price is $800

Are you crazy? Don’t get a dog – you don’t sound at all ready for the commitment they take.

Are you serious?

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