Will the majority of the anti-war movement vote for a pro-war Presdiential candidate again?

During the 2004 elections, majority of the anti-war movement sabotaged their own movement by endorsing a pro-war candidate, John Kerry.

New York Times columnist William Safire wrote a piece titled Kerry Out-Hawks Bush after the first presidential debates. In his column, he exclaims, John Kerry, welcome to the neo-cons.

Have they learned their lesson for the 2008 presidential elections or will they vote for the pro-war Clinton or Obama?

Unfortunately, I think they will if they abandon their anti-war choice to voting for the one of the lesser-of-two-evils GOP/DEM pseudo choices. They must stick to their candidate and vote for that anti-war candidate in mass, even if it looks like that candidate can not win. Momentum for change should not be stopped ever year at the polling booth. Year after year, a peace and justice party can then grow to become a force for change in this country.

perhaps maximum individuals of people arent as anti-conflict through fact the anti-conflict crowd might have us have confidence. Polls are truly no longer very well worth the time to seem quickly you communicate approximately how rather they’re manipulated by way of the polling outfit itself, and that i’m sorry, yet a telephone ballot of a few million,000 human beings at a time (for one ballot) only doesnt advise something of united statesa. consents with that ballot….quite whilst those telephone calls are placed particularly politically biased aspects, based on the pollers needed effects.

Obama is NOT pro war…

You have no idea what you’re talking about…
The Dems are unanimously against the war in Iraq…
That has been their platform since the war started…

Some people misinterpret being &quot:tough on terrorism&quot: or &quot:a gradual withdrawal&quot: as being pro-war but that doesn’t make it true!

Was that before Kerry voted for the war, then voted against it, then voted for it, then voted against it again?.

Clinton and Obama have both proposed plans for ending the war. You may want to do some research before you post your questions.

Of course they haven’t learned their lesson. Democrats will continue to vote for democrats and republicans for republicans. And America will continue on the road to disaster.

Neither hopefully
especially not Obama.

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