what do you think of the people who follow the crowd?

there’s this girl in my school, she is kind of emo, and her best friend is proper girly, but now, i’ve noticed her changed completely, her hair is gone scene, she wears skeletons top, thick black mascara and eyeliner, &amp: vans/converse!

she definitely don’t like punk, rock, or such, but she listens to it.
why are people following the crowds! what do you think?
It don’t bother me, it’s just that we all should be ourselves.

It’s good to try new things until you do you may lose out in finding who you really are.
Or who you can become.
Or what you like.
Maybe she thought she did not like those things.
Then she tried it.
She is in High School she is still finding out who she is so how can she be her self if she still learning.
For that matter I am still finding myself.
Each day I try to make changes in my life.
Senior but not in High School

Well, I can see I don’t follow this crowd since I would need a translator to figure out what was being asked. I know about &quot:hair is gone scene&quot: but not on me. Nothing skeletal about my top either.

I used to have a conversion van but got rid of it after 17 years. I never cared for punks either and arrested quite a few of them in my day.

Hope this answers your question.

People do things for different reasons.

We could be trying to ‘belong’, feeling isolated and left out and want to be a part of something.

We could also feel that adopting those changes will help her stand out from others and be seen as an individual.

I followed the crowd sometimes (when they were going the way I wanted to go) and went against the flow most other times.

People should be able to be who they are regardless of the the rest of humanity. But, if you eat a McDonald’s hamburger are you following the crowd? or do you like what the crowd likes?

They say it is a compliment if someone copies your style of dress, hair etc and you should feel flattered. Personally I think if someone is copying you all the time then they do not have a mind of their own and must be very insecure.
It is one thing to dress the same as such and such a thing is in fashion but copy someone else, no, I would worry about that person.

Haha…’I agree with everyone else” I like it!

There are thousands of people out there that do that, thats how there is a crowd in the first place. I am the sort of person who has never followed the crowd and when I was younger I found it infuriating that people weren’t being themselves just to fit in. But you can’t do anything about it and so why waste time worrying about it, so what if thats what they want to do it’s up to them. It just means that they’re not confident enough to be an individual.

There will always be leaders and there will always be followers. Each person has to make their own choice. With experience comes the confidence to be yourself. Sounds like she just wants to be popular or fit in with the crowd and what she is doing is the only way she can figure out how to pull it off. Give her time. . .

Following the crowd is a human nature and very typical for teens so don’t WHOrry if she became emo or anything if she doesn’t really like it she’ll stop being emo and get back to her real self

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i think following crowds is wrong, everyone is an unique person and they should be proud of it. Never change for anyone because its not worth it and you never be happy in doing it. I’m a goth/emo/punk and i didn’t become one because i seen people doing it, i just liked all the music and clothing.

only change for yourself and its the only way to be happy.

Good Luck 🙂

It’s just nature to want to be accepted. Like being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can’t be part of the world, and serve Jehovah God. But, many people even knowing it’s the truth would rather parish and please people/friends/relatives than to live right, and for God. Satan is the ruler of this system and things will never change.

Have a great day!

Yes, we should all be ourselves….but it sounds like right now she’s not really sure what that is. Just give her time to figure it out and define herself. And if it happens that she’s content following the crowd, that’s ok. That’s where she’s most secure.

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