why does my grandad keep telling me to pull my pants up??

he keeps sayingyou dress like a hoodlum..pull up yo pants boy..we dont live in no ghetto..you makin us look bad so i just say whatever granddad go to sleep..take your viagra or something…leave me alone.. and then he always mumbles something like when they fine yo a.s.s im not paying so i say *****…i mean snitch..my bad..the word just slipped out..

whats wrong with my pants..its not like they super baggy all the way down to my knees baggy..and i wear a belt..my pants are still below my waist though..i make sure my shirts are long enough and stuff…they always like..past my belt a little..

what does he want me to do?? wear jeans up to my waist like im stupid or something??

respect your elders… especially your grandfather.

Not sure how old you are- but seriously- the baggy look went out a long time ago. However- a slight low slug pant is ok, ONLY if the pant is the correct size for you. But if you’re purchasing pants that are too big and making it fit with a belt- then you’re grandpa is right. You don’t have to have them on your waist, but PULL THEM UP! If you can’t walk normally or run in them- they’re too big and baggy. There is a reason that people are trying to get the sag banned in their towns. Also- theres are reason why people tend to step away from you if you have baggy jeans on- they’re afraid you’re packing under there. No one is going to take you seriously until you start dressing that way. Sorry for the lecture.

If you want a role model look at Will Smith and Diddy (Sean Combs). Their underwear is not showing and they are very successful men. Baggy pants are out of style in 2007. Go to the library and get some magazine and see what the successful black man is wearing. Be kind to your grandfather because he cares about you. If he didn’t care about you he wouldn’t comment about your clothes. He know that you will never be seen as a successful person if you wear what he considers &quot:ghetto or hoodlum style.&quot: And he wants you to grow up and be a healthy happy young man. Ask him to see pictures of when he was your age and ask him what it was like back in the day. I am sure your Grandfather has the same ideas abut what young men should wear as Bill Cosby who is a famous comedian and TV star.

One, show your grandfather some respect. He comes from a place where all black men during his time took pride in their appearance. As part of today’s youth, you should be looking to lead those who are lost. This is not a religious trip, but as a black women in todays world, I am educated and very much wanting a man who dresses well, who carries himself well in public and who can hold an intelligent conversation. If you want a good job and possibly looking to go to college, your dress needs to change. Baggy pants and long-enough shirts don’t do more than flip burgers and take orders. Do you want to be taking orders or the one who gives them? If it is the latter, get rid of the baggy pants. First impressions are everything!

Huuuuuuuuugh- I am so very tired of young males &amp: this question. It is ok to have a slight looseness, but a &quot:sag&quot:, is just triffling! The question you need to ask yourself is why are you choosing to sag?!!! It’s tasteless &amp: it prevents you from completing NORMAL tasks, like running, walking, &amp: talkin w/ women (because girls will talk w/ you). It just does not do anything to uphold appearance. Real men aren’t giving an extra effort to make pants sag- if it’s that important- don’t wear pants&lt: I mean they’re not on your butt anyway!

Some towns are passing decency laws because they’re tired of seeing your drawers. As long as your pants come up high enough that your underwear is not visible, you’re fine.

However, a person doesn’t look &quot:stupid&quot: simply for wearing their pants at the appropriate level.

I’m a teenage girl, and pant-sagging disgusts me. Go get a life, perv.
Maybe you should respect your grandfather and his wishes. You’re one of the people that makes all teenagers notorious for comporting themselves without dignity.
And stop swearing.

well as a chick lemme say yo pants hangin down, that ain’t so hot if u got that sh*tty attitude to wit it. i mean yeah it means u trynna be all fly and sh*t and thas yo style wutever. but i mean it do give you a certain look know wut i’m sayin. specially when u talkin back. i don’t mind the baggy jeans look, but i wouldn’t date no trash talka.

i think yo papa knows girls gon see that. and other people too.
but i think long as u a decent guy who respects your folks, hell i don’t see no problem wit yo pants.

Actually, wearing pants hanging low IS a symbol that you were gay back in the day. Gay prisoners would wear them low to symbolize they were gay and &quot:cruisin’&quot: for a date. Now they symbolize &quot:gang wear&quot:.
Personally, to each his own. Express yourself any way you want.

because no one wants to see your under wear and im with your gradad my brother is the same way but somwhat on your side cuz i like waering short skirts somtimes cuz it gets hot and my mom says &quot:pull your skirt down your not a hooker

He doesn’t want you to wear jeans up to your waist like you’re stupid: He wants you to wear jeans up to your waist like you’re NOT stupid.

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