What is the actual evidence the bible is from God of which atheists are &quot:naturally ignorant&quot:?

And why would a Christian who claims to have such evidence refuse to share it?

Note: logical fallacies like appeal to ignorance, negative proof/burden of proof, and special pleading are not evidence: neither are quotes from the bible, insults, claims that I already have evidence, links to websites that allegedly have evidence, personal experiences, self-fulfilling or vague prophecies matched against millennia of history, or anecdotes which have a natural explanation or no supporting evidence.

It’s signed by God.

Because the bible is NOT a book from God or a god figure. The truth is that the book was made to teach people back then how to dominate the world using an imaginary being that couldn’t be refuted by their unscientific minds of that time. The sad thing is, even though it’s been proven wrong and that god doesn’t exist, they’re STILL trying to control us. How? the best way of all now-a-days: DOOMSDAY(s)!. Look through history, notice that when the economy is bad or that people are refusing to obey and believe in their lies, a Doomsday has somehow been discovered? Even IF an end was coming, that should be the best of ALL reasons to not give a d*mn about what a religious person has to say. Because the truth of the matter is: Whether the end comes or not, YOU’RE still gonna regardless one day.

Oh, BTW I’m an atheist and we’re not ignorant for refusing to believe unprovable BS.

The fact that the Bible is here in its entirety today is something because there were times when it was sought to be destroyed and very few were owned such as The Dark Ages. The Bible validates itself as the Word of God with hundreds of fulfilled detailed/specific prophecies that no other holy book can come close to. It is flawless. When compared with the Dead Sea scrolls, it shows that translations over the thousands of years haven’t changed the text. Just looking at historical evidence for the Bible, how can you come to the conclusion that the Bible isn’t God’s Word?

There are plenty of atheists, some of whom I know personally that have become Christians because they decided to truly explore and challenge their beliefs, realizing the Truth. I challenge you to do that as well.

The whole Pascalian double meaning of the Bible doctrine. (Yes, that Pascal – him again).

The truly funny thing is that the more intolerant branches of Christianity are now making this argument come alive again, while poor Pascal saw his books put on the index because of it, by the defenders of the true faith of his time. (They didn’t like the idea God, or the word of God could ever deceive).

In the late XXth and early XXIst century, the argument (or at least it’s illiterate version, they chopped it to pieces same as they did with the wager), has enjoyed quite a popularity surge. The idea is if the Bible convinces you, then you read it right. Otherwise, you read it wrong.

(See how tightly that all works?)
Yes, it’s a denial of everything the enlightenment stood for, but what are you gonna do?

There is no &quot:actual evidence the bible is from God of which atheists are &quot:naturally ignorant&quot: and a Christian who claims to have evidence to the contrary are lying, there isn’t evidence to suggest the bible is from god.

Look into the history of Babylon. Notice how it fell. When it fell. And who led the charge. All of these were prophesied in the Bible (When it fell: Jeremiah 25:11,12: Who led the charge:Isaiah 44:28: 45:1: How it was done: Isaiah 44:27, 45:2).

I would be interested to know as well. In fact, I’m fairly certain all the world would be staggered to see such evidence.

If you are seeking empirical evidence,toward validation of a faith based belief system(Christianity),you’re wasting your time…

Faith is rooted in a fervant belief embraced,despite a lack of observable evidences..Belief,that leads to faith,is by appointment,through grace alone…Apart from the grace of God,you neither will,nor can believe…This is not indicitive of an arbitrary nor capricious Creator but if I may borrow from the Bible(for a brief moment only)..&quot:God gives grace to the humble of heart&quot:

Seek God in humbleness with all of your heart and He will not turn a deaf ear nor reject you…

Bible sais pi=3 therefore I doubt it’s wirtten by God.

there’s a stamp on the back that says &quot:Made in Heaven&quot: on the first one, but then more bibles were produced, so now it says &quot:Made in China&quot:. God’s making more money than JK Rowling on his fictional novels about magic

@I HAVE A MUSTACHE: … yea im aware she’s a woman… what’s that gotta do with sexism?? she makes a lot of money, that’s the point. are you aware mustaches are sexist?

Well, if &quot:naturally ignorant&quot: means we were born with an IQ over 10…

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