my garage has never been painted, the drywall is dirty and very badly stained. how can I paint over this mess.?

Kilz is an excellent low cost product, but Zinnser (sp?) 1-2-3 is a much higher quality product. Whatever primer you buy, make sure it says that it is a &quot:stain blocking&quot: primer. Also, even though the stain will bleed through, if you let the primer dry for 24+ hours, the stain ~will~ be blocked out, and will not bleed through your top coat of paint. The trick is allowing that proper dry time. That works for water stains mostly. For wood tannin stains though, which can be much more stubborn, your average can of spray paint, which is a similar color to your intended top coat, is an excellent stain blocker for those.
В¶ If you are applying this to bare drywall, and you really want it to look sharp, a very light sanding after the first coat of primer will remove all of the &quot:hairs&quot: left from the drywall and your roller cover, and will really look nice. Like a seriously light sanding. Just once over the entire surface area with a pole sander (drywall sanding equipment with a sanding &quot:screen&quot: on it. Be sure to not &quot:skip&quot: and gouge the drywall) is plenty.
В¶ Good luck

Prime with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3. Afterwards you might not want to paint over. Just leave it as is
This primer is tintable

Wash the walls then install a primer.

Take a long handled brush with pine-sol lemon scent and wash those dirty walls down……..than a paint with primer in it will save lots of time……….also use same long handle on a roller and make that garage look great.
good luck……….it helps to hang tool racks and a rack by the back door for broom/dust pan/mop/all needed inside to keep everything nice.

You will have to experiment to see what will stick. Buy a small can of polyurethane and put it on the worst spot. If it sticks, cover the wall with urethane and then paint it. If it really is so bad nothing will stick, buy some thin sheetrock and nail it up. Or take the old sheetrock down and redo it.

wash it . let dry
prime with a stain killer such as Kilz

Vacuum off any loose dust/cobwebs, prime with a stain-blocking primer, then paint.

Clean it first, then paint it with &quot:Kilz Complete&quot: sealing primer paint. The kind with the dark brown lettering on the can. Apply two coats of &quot:Kilz Complete&quot: before you then paint your desired color paint.

You have to clean the dirt off, and then there are excellent stain controlling and concealing primers out there. If walls are super dirty, clear everything out and use a spray nozzle on the hose and a broom for first cleaning, then a rag and bucket of water with a cleaning solution for final detail. Let dry completely before priming.

Probably. There is a primer designed especially for covering existing dark paint or stains.

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