I know the Saints are one of the worst if not worst teams in NFL history but, what about the other teams?

The other teams that r worst in the NFL today and teams that were the worst b4 they start winning superbowls like 4 example: the Steelers, not to hate on them cause i do admire the way they play football but, back b4 the 70’s came rollin around when they started winning 4 Super bowl trophies, they where the worst team in the league 4 for 50 years straight and never went to a playoff game until they went to and won one against the raiders in that hail mary game in three rivers stadium after that the rest was history. Now another team, the 49ers. now b4 there where Joe Montana and Jerry Rice that came along and dominated the 80’s , the 49ers where the worst team too, when everybody was on the Raiders bandwagon. Then when the 80’s came along everyone that was on the Raiders bandwagon half of them went to the 49ers. And the Buccaneers, Worst team in the 70’s although they did make a few playoff appearances and later on the the 2000’s, won a Superbowl against the raiders.

Despite Super Bowl and playoff appearances by some I would have to say the are the worst franshises in NFL history:

Arizona Cardinals (including their stints in St. Louis and Chicago)
Atlanta Falcons
Detroit Lions
New Orleans Saints

The NY Jets and Houston Texans deserve some consideration, too. Outside of the Namath era the Jets have had some sad years marked by poor personnel decisions and outright blowing their standing. Houston looks well on their way to being a disasterous franchise.

At one point not many years ago, the Okland Raiders had the highest all-time winning percentage among all NFL franchises but they are currently the most &quot:confused&quot: franchise.

The good news for Saints, Falcons, Lions and Cardinals fans is that Dallas, San Francisco, Washington and Cincinnati have all gone from being a mess in their respective histories to having dominant teams from time to time.

If you go way back the NFL teams of the 1920’s, there were a lot of awful ones. Over a 5-year span (1925-1929), the Dayton Triangles won two games. The Hammond Pros won 5 games from 1921 through 1926. And the Rochester Jeffersons had four consecutive no-win seasons. Remember back then, people were smaller. Most played as a part-time or seasonal job. They didn’t lift weights, watch what they ate, or studied. In some cases, they played high school teams to boost their records. It was rare for anyone to weigh more than 220 pounds. And football, like all team sports at the time, had few if any blacks. We can quibble over which were the best college team was the best and which pro team was the worst. (For best college team, I could make a strong case for last year’s Alabama team.) But it wouldn’t be close. College team by a mile. I’d bet mortgage money on the college team and give 30 points.

Give the Steelers credit it was only 40 years lol, and it wasn’t a hail mary play. It was a designed pass that became anything but designed, a hail mary play would be a play where you actually throw a hail mary.
I’d say the Lions before Sanders, but really they didn’t win a Superbowl or anything then and fell back apart.
I don’t think the Cardinals were EVER good and this basically asks about a team that stunk then became good.

So best answer look no further then the CURRENT Patriots. How much did they accomplish before 2000? How many fans did they REALLY have compared to how many they have now that claim to be &quot:lifelong&quot: fans and such?

The Steelers might have been terrible before the 70s, but from then until today, that’s 30 years as perennial winners. Same thing with the Niners.

I was watching NFL Films yesterday, and Steve Sabol was in one of the rooms where they store all the highlight reels. He points to a shelf bursting with those reel-containing-tins and says &quot:This is the Cowboys’ best plays ever.&quot: He points to another shelf overflowing with tins and says &quot:And here’s the Raiders’…&quot: Then he points to a shelf with one single tin on it and says &quot:And here’s the Saints’ best plays ever… its just one container with a few reels in it.&quot:

I feel bad for you, but admit it, the Saints have never won ANYTHING. I’m honestly rooting for them a bit, because I like Drew Brees, but you still have to face the fact that throughout their history they’ve probably been the worst NFL team ever.

Over the long haul, it has to be the Cardinals, however, based purely on franchise history winning percentage, the worst team in NFL history is:

The Houston Texans.

The Saints come in 3rd

every team has had its low points
i would have to say the saints are one of the worst franchises in their overall history
steelers and 49ers obviously arent
i think the cardinals are the worst franchise(most all time losses by a franchise), followed by the lions, then the saints

maybe in history, but not now. the texans and the cards will be the worst franchises in the history of sports regardless of sport. lol, just kidding but i think you guys have some pieces to be great, i expect good things from you guys next year. i assume you are a saints fan. i just have a question if its possible for you to answer. is every saints fans ready to give up on bush yet?

Have you seen the Houston Texans or Arizona Cardinals or Detroit Lions play recently?

Stop trying to trade up. ALL the other teams have ALWAYS been in pretty good shape compared to the SAINTS.
even GUMBO, looks whooped!

… okay – was there a question here?? I thought there was – but then it degenerated into a long-winded rant about how such-and-such used to be &quot:the worst team&quot: in the NFL.


…the answer is: 42

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