What are the factors when you decide to block another user?

I have several that are blocked b/c they do nothing but have multiple accounts, never answer the question, and use filth, rants with insults to impose their view..in other words, they are useless.

How do you make that decision?

You know what? I asked this same question in Polls &amp: Surveys on Monday, but I asked, How many people do you have blocked &amp: why. It was deleted in 20 minutes! I asked the same question in OCG &amp: had to resolve it quickly because I didn’t want that one deleted too.

I Do NOT agree with the Top Contr who is making a heart-shape with her fingers. Until last month, I only had like 2 people blocked! Then the more time I spent in OCG, I went ballistic blocking racist trolls, the white ones, the black ones &amp: the Hispanic ones! And no, their questions &amp: answers
don’t hit home. I have a LOW Tolerance for @sses.

If I ask a question &amp: somebody says idk, I block them! Yeah so what?! Lately there’s this user named &quot:Cleo&quot: who keeps putting the letter Z in all her answers! Just the letter Z. I figured out that she has 3 accounts, all named &quot:Cleo.&quot: dummy!


I keep my email open and block nobody: even those that hassle or tell me off. I understand where you are coming from but then again many blockers here have a crybaby attitude that I disagree with what you say, wahhhh, I’m taking my marbles and going home!

For example the last person who blocked me did so because I said that Cleopatra was not black Sub Saharan as she thought but Macedonian from the Ptomely family. I went on to point out that there was an Afro – Centrist prof who gave a big public lecture about Aristotle stealing all his ideas from the Black Africans who had it in the Library of Alexandria… not finished until well after his death. Before that a creationist blocked me for pointing out that God will ask how believed and behaved in this life: not ask if earth is 6400 or 4.5 billion years old or if man walked with dinosaurs.


Michael Kelly

I’ve only blocked one person and that was because he sent me an email trying to debate with me and once I defeated him, he resorted to name calling. So since it was clear we no longer were going to be civil I blocked him from sending me emails. I unblocked him about two weeks later but I’ve never seen him on here since.

If they’re stalkerish in any way then I would block them. Luckily I haven’t encountered anyone like that so my block list remains at zero

I only block users who repetitively &quot:ask&quot: a question where they insult black people or hispanics in general in a FILTHY and FAILING manner.

And the ones that block me, of course, but then I just unblock them if they sound challenged…

But people should remember that the way yoou act here doesn’t EXACTLY represent the way you act out there… I am open to all opinions.

Mainly, I block trolls who post the nastiest of content, then I do a check up on them from time to time.
What I do after I can only relate by sending you a personal note.

I don’t block people. I just thumb them down.

I block hateful &amp: ignorant people. I also block users that continually spout off nonsense.

none. i don’t block nor do i report. if they wanna call names i know lots of names. differing points of view i don’t mind either. i rather enjoy a little verbal sparring, though sadly it can be a little lacklustre here. nor do as many take it as lightly as i do either.

I told you once, you wll never bbe able to block all of them. There is always going to be that troll in your question and sometimes those who give serious answers. They are some who do both

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