YA POLL! Have You Ever………?

won an account suspension appeal?

mine was kicked this afternoon , then reinstated a few minutes ago, someone at customer care has a greasy trigger finger, lol

I did once only to lose it again, well done luv 🙂

Your muscles probably scared them. Nope…never won a suspension appeal. I’ve had 2 suspensions.

Yes! I have had a question reinstated, as well as an answer. I’ve never been suspended, so I’m hoping I won’t!

I got 3 violation notices, and I only won one appeal.I never had my account suspended.What causes you to get an account suspended?

No, I tend not to bring any religious or political issues into a conversation unless needed and even then, if I found that their views were different than mine, I would not remove them because of that.

I have not been suspend before I am glad you were reinstated

ahahahah greasy trigger finger that was funny. No I haven’t!

No. I got suspended for adult content… you can never win an appeal against that.

Well done babe i’ve never won a yahoo battle ! @sses

I’ve never been suspended. I’m close, though. Hehe…

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