Women: What do you think about during sex?

This question has more to do with being in the moment with the other person, instead of play-by-play action, thanks.

I would like to know what married women think about during sexual intimacy, are they into the moment with their husbands or off thinking about other things, fantasy’s, or other men?

Single women too, what do you think about normally during sex.

Thank you upfront for your mature answers.

My wife once told me she made an entire grocery list during sex with me.

I’m still curious why we only bought milk and eggs when we went…

Of how really horny I am, and how much I am gonna to enjoy more and more, and if he was been rude to me the first place, not making love, but just booootie call only, no attachment feelings, then ya, I have another man view in placed of his, and enjoying even more! I have not had emotional making love sex in a long time, those needs are not met, but I am extremely vulnerable as well, by being this lonely, and even at the point looking for someone to fill in the empty spot in my life, which my husband is not fullfulling in years. His lost, he is the one who pushed me away by not wanted to be around much, not talking, not holding me, and yes he is pushing me into another man’s arm and he says he wants me and not a divroce, but yet he dont get it???
My sexual needs are high and his are not, and yah he just dont realized how lonely it is or even how easy it is for me come to point to cheating in real life with another man.

I think about what is going on and how much I want to please my partner. It turns me on to see that he is pleased. During sex, I only have a one track mind so Its all I can think about…lol.

It feels yummy!

baseball, igloos, hot air boobs I mean balloons.

Everything else they’d rather be doing or what they are going to ask you to do next.

your mom

I think about lesbian porn I have seen, and also make up some lesbian sex scenes in my mind.

Why would I get a thumbs down!!??
That’s what gets me off…..gggeeeeezz…..

If its sex with my husband I think about someone else, if its someone else my brain shuts down

i’ve tried, but i cannot come up with a mature answer – sorry

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