Why am I annoyed when I see white guys dating black girls?

Even though I date black guys, it irritates me to see white guys with black girls.

My upstairs neighbor is black and her boyfriend is EXTREMELY handsome and he’s white..and it actually bothers me a little but I never show it. Instead, I just don’t speak to them.
What’s wrong with me?

Maybe you want to &quot:go back&quot:.

Well, you’re not racist or you wouldn’t date black guys. So the people throwing out the race card are obviously wrong. I’d say it’s a matter of pride.

You might have some unresolved issue with race

Jealous that a white guy would chose a black girl over a white girl

You seem jealous, from the sound of it. And a little part of you is a teeny bit racist – though you hate to admit it – you feel that black women are ‘inferior’ and therefore (somehow) don’t ‘deserve’ handsome white men.

That’s my first thought.

no longer something is incorrect with you. you’re purely having thoughts. complications can enhance counting on how we respond to our thoughts. I do agree that it truly is extremely ugly to have such thoughts. no one likes soreness. yet occasional emotional soreness is a classic area of on a daily basis existence. If we were all desirable persons existence can be a lot nicer. you imagine ? purely seem at Jesus Christ. He grow to be easily desirable. seem at what the international did to him !!! significant crucifixion. So obviously your answer does no longer lie in attempting to be impossibly mind-blowing. it truly is totally confusing to face the non-public thoughts we’ve interior ourselves extremely.

It sounds like you hate black women. You don’t want them to date white guys and you steal all the black guys too.

Woah, I’ve seen so many people use your avatar picture for stuff like fake facebook accounts and such.
I know you as Amanda Kolenkark specifically.

it’s human nature,,,your jelious,,i’m a white male who finds black girls more beautiful then any other i always have and it pisses me off when i see black guys with white girls and i don’t really know why because i could care less

you’re just jealous and probably a racist.

you might be over-estimating yourself too.
try to understand tht its not just race, looks, colour. Character and personality plays a part too, which you obviously lack.

Cause b*tches complain about EVERYTHING!!! black women have a problem with black man dating white women, white women have a problem with white men dating black women. God! whats wrong with you people!

are you annoyed that they date a black girl instead of you?

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