Which mythical creature would win in a fight? Zeus or Jesus?

they are probably the same character

the bible story borrows heavily from previous gods

I may be taking this too seriously but:

In the early Christian art
Jesus used the same imagery as Apollo and Dionisis
while &quot:God the father&quot: was illustrated using Jupiter (Zeus) as the icon.

Therefore, the question can be rewritten in the following two ways:
1) Jupiter vs Apollo or Dionisis (perhaps tag team?)
2) &quot:God the Father&quot: vs Jesus

I think in the first matchup it is Zeus while in the second &quot:God the Father&quot:
Either way — Zeus wins, Jesus loses

If they are both mythical then the question is hypothetical.

Since it’s hypothetical, then I would choose the one that still has a following. And wonder why Zeus doesn’t still have a following.

Jesus is not mythical therfore he would win against an imaginary character like Zeus in a battle of reality

Zeus wins by default – he’s the only one that showed up at the &quot:Mythical Characters Fight&quot:, because Jesus was disqualified for being real.

When did humans start getting classified as mythical creatures? lol

Zeus would crucify jesus with a lightening bolt.




Perhaps you should look up the word mythical

Says the mere man who will BOW DOWN when face to face with GOD ALMIGHTY and RUN when face to face with the DEVIL.

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