What zodiac sign is your best friend?

&amp: what is your zodiac sign?

that would be 5 of them:-
Gemini-that’s two of them


My best friend’s a Scorpio and I’m a Taurus.We have a love/hate relationship sometimes but are really close.

Pisces. My other two best friends are both Libras and I’m a Scorpio.


Aries, Libra and Virgo.

My best friend is a Scorpio and i am a Libra

My Bestie is an aries My true LOVE is a sagitarius and Im an aquarius!

She’s a pisces and I’m a Double Master Scorpio.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo, I’m Gemini

Aquarius and Taurus and i am a Sagittarius…i have two best friends

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