What should I know before buying a used car for the first time?

So I am planning to buy a used car but I know nothing about them.
I basically need help.
I am not asking my family because they never have time and aren’t very dependable.
I am learning to drive right now so I want a good reliable car.

I basically need tips.
What are things that I should ask when buying a used car?
What should I look for in a used car?
What are warning signs?

Your answers and tips will be of so much help!
Thank you!

To buy a used car, make sure its below 60,000 miles if its an American car such as GM, Ford, or chrysler or 80,000 miles or less if its a Honda, toyota, acura, infiniti etc..
make sure it has no problems with engine and transmission
make sure engine light is not on
make sure the tires are not worn out, otherwise ask for a lesser price as tires can cost up to 700 dollars or more
make sure you get a carfax report but do not fully depend on the report.
ask if it has been in an accident
ask how many owners for the car so far, less is better
ask for all of the maintenance receipts that they have done so far for the car so you can keep them as a reference of what has been done for the car.
its better to buy a car that is less than 8 years old unless you will be using it lightly

You need to know/find out the following

Mileage (can be found by looking at the dashboard)
Engine size
How much Tax/MOT does the car have? Also find out how much is it to Tax
Has the car been involved in any accidents?
Is the car modified in anyway? (If so your insurance may be higher)

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