what should happen with people that protest as soldiers funerals?

people have been protesting at soldiers funerals in america. what is your opinion on what should be done with them. or if thats ok.

No, it is NOT their constitutional right. The rights that are granted to us by the Constitution are only our rights so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. This is a basic way for explaining why murder is illegal. It may be in your pursuit of happiness to be a serial killer, but it infringes on others’ right to life. WBC is infringing upon the right of these families to mourn. While that’s not something addressed in the Constitution it is still traditionally a sacred time. You don’t disturb peoples’ weddings just for shits and giggles do you? Military wedding or not, they need to be stopped. They’ll be going before the Supreme Court this fall and I hope that they get a ruling of owing enough millions to Lcpl Snyder’s dad that they can’t operate anymore. I hope that whatever the ruling of the Supreme Court is sparks Congress to enact FEDERAL laws regarding funerals and protests because there are sporadic local laws that have been reactions to them but they are not enough.

This won’t stop the WBC from protesting, besides the monetary part. They protest many things other than funerals, but they’re just famous for the funerals. Therefore this is not infringing upon their rights.

hang them by their heels, naked, upside down until their sense of decency flows back from their private parts to their brains.

Life in prison.

they should be hogtied and left on the ground for me to poop on

They should die a horrible death and burn in hell

shoot em.


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