What is your middle name(s)? Just curious – no first or last names-just middle names.?

Many times middle names are unusual…

Why did your parents choose the middle name they chose for you?

For instance my middle name is Dane. My mother got the name from an artist that was on TV in the 1950s.

Meamui. [Meh-yah-moo-yee]
After grandma (on Mom’s side)

Means &quot:bad water&quot: or &quot:water in a bad place&quot:
Cool, huh?

But the Russians have butchered it to &quot:mee-moo-ee&quot:. Horrible!!

P.S: I am the only child in the family with a middle name. Can somebody please yell &quot:Special!!!&quot:?
Krakatoa???? Whew- you were kidding!!! =))
Aaaaarggghhhh!!! I knew you were up to something!!! lol
This is my last answer by the way……

My middle name is Lynn… My father picked it. Not incredibly sure why but I guess he thought it went best with my first name…

My oldest son has a middle name of Alexander… I told his dad he could pick the first name and when I heard it Alexander instantly popped in my head…

My youngest son’s middle name is Tyler… His was strange we had the hardest time picking a middle name for him but I took a nap when I was 8 months pregnant and when we introduced him to people we said this is our son (xxxx) Tyler so I woke up, told his dad and he thought it was great.

I got Marie for my Grandmother. And to show you how common it is….It is also my mother-in-laws middle name. So I gave it to my daughter as well. Might as well make it a family tradition.
My husband got Dale after his Father, so we gave the middle name to my son also. Now what to do if we have a 3rd child????

Sorry my middle name isn’t unusual. It’s the same name that I have gone by for as long as I can remember because I dislike my first name.

I am Mark.

Guess what? I don’t have one! My mom thought it was too much trouble. See she’s Hispanic and in the Latin countries they used to put &quot:Mary&quot: in front of every female’s first name and &quot:Joseph&quot: in front of every male’s first name (cause most of them were Catholic) and sometimes even added a second and third middle name. And maybe my mom was sick of having to write out her very long name on everything so she wanted to spare me the trouble!

I’ve got three Denise Lucy Maria. None of them suit me that much, and I don’t know why I have those specific names. I know my mum likes short names. Thinking about it that didn’t work too wellmy full name is 33 letters long.

Leigh Ann




I don’t have one. My mom said that everyone always hates their middle names anyway so, since we are catholic, my brother and I could just pick out our middles when we received confirmation. My brother chose Joseph, and I chose not to receive confirmation. Most people don’t believe me when I say I don’t have a middle.

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