spiritually speaking- who would you rather save from a fire-barrack obama/john mccain or your neighbors cat?

lately it seems people put more value on the lives of animals than that of humans: im intrested in hearing what you say.

as for me i dont support barack obama- in fact i rather dislike him
but i would still pick his life over a cats.
[mind you i LOVE animals but an animal isnt a person]

what say you ?

this questions in fun- in light of the major division america is in
president wise- dont take it TOO seriously hah.

I’m pretty sure all three choices wouldn’t be a great loss.
McCain’s old &amp: has lived his life. And he’d slow you down &amp: possibly kill you in the rescue attempt. He’d probably find a way to sue you for saving him. Besides, when he dies, he’s going to a pretty firery place anyway.
Barrack is young, hip and in pretty good shape himself. He’s fine. He can save himself as well as the cat &amp: McCain too cause he’s a nice guy.
I love cats. I have cats. And I know they’re smart enough to stay away from McCain, Barrack and anything else hot!
But if you want to know if I’d save a human being instead of an animal? Yes-as long as the human being was not a politician. Because to my mind, they are snakes, worms, pond scum,etc.

John McCain is old and has lived his life, Obama has young children. Cats have nine lives. I’d literally grab whomever I could, but hypothetically I’d save Obama for the reasons I just gave. Religion, race, or politics are irrelevant.

The cat would run out as soon as the fire started, Obama would be intelligent enough to save himself and, if McCain can’t walk out of a building, maybe it’s time he packed it in before we have to rescue him from a burning country.

I would try to save them both .
Obama is the for-runner of the Antichrist.
The only change is what he will allow me to keep from my paycheck.
People think he is the great black hope.
If he where white –no one would vote for him.
Make me sad so many people are so ——.
Califorinans vote yes on prop8
Keep marriage between a man and a woman.
I really don’t want my 6 year old learning about sex in school.&lt:&gt:&lt:

My neighbours cats fleas! (only kidding, of course I’d really save any person before an animal, but I don’t like that lot, specially the woman.

The cat, Obama is smart enough to save himself.
And as for Mccain, the world would be better without him.

Both. If Obama becomes president we’ll be in for changes we never dreamed of. The man is a socialist.

Oh it all depends on the neighbour 🙂

And yes I’m Canadian haha!

obama because i hate mccain and i hate cats

Obama, he can change the world…..Oo

Also I agree with Narcissa K

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