Is my house haunted? I need some help from an expert?

Ok well, a few minutes ago i was laying in bed with my door almost touching against the wall. Now it is about a foot away from the wall. Two weeks ago i heard a loud thump in my parents room. Even my brother came upstairs and asked what it was and he never believed in ghosts. Please help!

Many things to consider before calling a house haunted. The age of the house can tell a lot,older houses settle and make noises. If the room is not level or the floors are not, the door could possibly move by itself. Sometimes there is suction in a home where if one person opens a door in one room it can pull another door almost completely shut. Without being there and experiencing these things ourselves its hard to have a honest answer.
You can conduct a view very simple investigations yourself. Have someone go to different parts of the house and close doors, see if yours moves. A voice recorder can become your best friend in considering whether your house is haunted or not. Simply set up a recorder when nobody is around and listen later. You may hear things that you cannot explain.
If you do all these things and still feel your house may be haunted, contact a local paranormal investigating group with your parents permission. Most will work for free and bring in high tech equipment to give you the answers you need.

for a haunting normally there will be a number of signs, you may see dark shadowy figures, hear constant noise when no one is home, if you here a loud noise that sounds like that grump first check if there was something that could have fallen, and if there was try to figure out how it could have fell…if your door is closing you might want to check for open windows somewhere as weak drafts or gusts can close the doors or make them move. if your door were to slam with no sign of cause then it might be a ghost, but if nothing like this happens and the weird occurrences don’t persist I wouldn’t think to much into it

Hard to tell if your house is haunted from the info you gave. I lived in a haunted house once and it took me almost a year until I figured out that the weird events in my house were not my imagination. Here are some of the things that happened to me due to ghosts:
-knocks on door but no one on other side when door is answered.
-covers being pulled off me while I’m sleep, or half sleep
-keys going missing from table, and reappearing days later back on table
-Incubus and succubus visits
-getting slaped and or scratched while sleep

the door thing that moved it might be just the wind, happens to me all the time, and the loud thump yeah I think it’s a ghost or just your parents doing something

Building movement perhaps?

If strange things persist in happening then it’s likely there is something there. Often people mistake building movement for knocks and stuff like that.

i really dont believe its a ghodt ….my door always swings by itself …its because of their springs…….about the grump…..its probably ur plumbings ….trust me the sound is normal because everyones house once in a while makes this huge &quot:grump&quot: noise …like something fell on he ceiling ……

No it is not haunted.

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