***Info on 1980 Mercedes Benz 280E***?

i am buying a 1980 Mercedes Benz 280E 2.8 v6 with 130k miles on it for $1800.

i have a couple of questions regarding this car:
i was wondering if thats a good deal?
is it a reliable car?
whats your experience with it?
should i get it?

thank you!!

That seems to be fairly low mileage on a 30 year old car. (but I’ve still got an ’83 with only 44K). You might want to look at http://www.mbca.org/ for additional hints. The 2.8 has been around for a while in both straight 6 and V6 versions. The price seems right.
Now things to look at:
Suspension, brakes, leaks, AC, the transmission should shift solid, not soft like an American transmission. Normal items that would have 30 years of wear and tear.

that is the w123 e class of the 80’s. the w123 model has been considered by enthusiasts to be one of the most reliable cars ever built especially the diesel models. gas engined are good but check out first the condition of the car.

start with body and chassis if it is still solid and no major accident repair.
hoses and electrical wirings should be in very good condition. all switches are working, smooth running engine with the proper performance of it’s 2.8 gas.

don’t mind the mileage, it doesn’t mean the more mileage the more poor the condition of the car is. there are times that cars with a high mileage means it has always been used by the previous owner because it doesn,t break down as compared to a low mileage car due to being parked always because it always breaks down.

i have the model after yours with twice as many kms yes it is provided its is well serviced. mine runs like any other car. my mate said the seats can be a bit hard on his back. so be aware of this. but seats can be changed/modified you wont get 30mpg but its a very good cruiser. yes you should

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