Important question, serious answer plz?

If you had a chance at payback if you could throw at someone’s face everything they did to you and show them a little bit of the pain they caused you, would you take the chance or would you follow your heart and the voice within and let it go because the past is the past and eventhough it hurt, it is best to only learn from it and rise above and show all the ones who expected less from you that you ARE more than they though?

I want to tell you what a amazing person you are for enduring what you have been though. I would not seek revenge because it may harm you in the long run more. I know Its the feeling of getting some sort of satisfaction for what they did to you. I would be the bigger person and let it go, But I would keep my distance for sure. You do not need that pain again or to be reminded of it. As your friend I wish I could take your pain away. I know because of what you have been through you have helped Sooooo many people. Including me. (Tears for you.) Thank you and your big huge heart. God will deal with them one day.

What goes around,comes around. Love all,harm none,and live life.

If you asked me right when someone had hurt me, I would say yes, RETALIATION – but after I had time to rethink it, I would say no.

the past is in the past. let the future lead to new things. i would let it go.

ask yourself if your going to know this person in 10 years, then follow your heart

Revenge is a vulture, take her for everything shes got.

I wouldnt pay them back,karma will get them eventually

the second one

right now, I think I’d throw the punch lol I know thats horrible but it’s true


Perhaps you should talk to a professional.

&quot:and show all the ones who expected less from you&quot:

No one could possibly expect any less from me.
Ha, ha, ha!!

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