I’m 24 yrs old and my father still tampers with my debit card. Is this legal?

I’m 24 yrs old, and my father thinks just because i still reside in his house, and because he works in the bank, he is allowed to lower my daily spending limit or block my debit card whenever he wants for whatever reason he wants. It’s my own card under my own name, and it’s my own money in my own personal savings account.

Is this even legal for him to do without my permission?

Is there any good information online about credit/debit card law as it pertains to this instance, and/or what I can do about this?

No offence, but your father sounds like he could be a controlling and manipulative S.O.B.

In any case, this is VERY illegal, and he can go to jail…if you file a legal complaint. If you simply complain to the bank, he can be fired.

The ONLY way he can do *anything* to your account legally (or ethically) is if he has power of attorney over you, or is if the account is joint.

Short of cutting yourself off from your family, move your money to another bank, not simply another branch. Leave a token amount in the bank, and make a single deposit and withdrawal every couple of months to keep the account from being closed.

Even if you were half your age, your parents could not access or affect your account unless they held the account jointly with you. (If you held the account with a grandparent, your parents could not touch the money whether they wanted to or not.)

You can consult your local cops or a lawyer. Alternatively, make an appointment with a credit councillor at another bank.

If it is your own account own money and you are of legal age what he is doing is against the law. I dare say it could also cost him his job! Time to sit wit Dad and have a good talk. Point out these thing and maybe that will give him something to think about.
You would be within your rights to call police or report him to the bank manger, of course if that is his title, you’d have go go over his head.Shae on him!
I dare say you are put in an extremely difficult situation. I know you don’t want to report him. A thought, change banks to a different one(not the same branch) Dad shouldn’t be able to get into that one. Best of Luck

Um, yes that is illegal. If it is an account in your name only – and not connected to a nested family account, then yes – he has no right to tamper with your funds. I believe it may even be a federal charge – but you would have to look up your own state guidelines.

The best thing I can tell you to do is to go to your bank and talk to them. Tell them what is going on . You can report him to the Better Buisness Buearu and the commission that monitors banks for your state. If there is honestly no reason why he should be doing this – no problems with funds or bad faith, then action will be taken.

Think long and hard before doing this however – because your father could actually lose his job over tampering even with your account. If it all possible talk to him first before taking outside action.

If you are not joint with your dad and the money is not your dads. Go to your bank on his day off and close the account.

You can always get your money out of the account by going into the bank and doing a counter check or debit withdraw and your dad can not stop you. Bring you ID. There may be small fee for this.

You might nicely mention to your dad tampering with your debit card and/or account is illegal and he could get intro trouble for doing this. In some states, I think it is a crime for you not to report him. Tell your dad you don’t want to report him but you both may end up in jail unless hin comes clean with the bank. Tell him you don’t want him or you in jail. The back will eventually catch on to this and you could both be without money.

Netbank.com is an online bank with a free debit card provided &amp: checks at a reasonable cost. I would change from my fathers bank in a heartbeat. He has NO right to screw with your limits, etc.
Just write a check to Netbank for your balance &amp: send it to them after filling out the online application.

This might not make your father happy: but Who Cares? Don’t say anything to him. He will find out soon enough. . .

Stand up to him &amp: show your 24 yr old independance.

Does he maybe think you are spending on things you shouldn’t be?
Maybe you should be helping with the house payments and utilities, or maybe just doing your own darned laundry?????
Are you?
Being the mom of five grown children, I know how kids who live at home spend thier money. Think about how responsible you are being (or not)
And if it really gets on your last nerve–use that thing called a door and move out!

that is not legal. If it is not possible for you to change your password so he can not get into it you might want to consider changing banks. Or the hard part. Tell your father he doesn’t stay out of it you will have to report him to the bank and he will loose his job.

He’s breaking the law and can get fired, fined, and arrested. Either report him or switch banks. And I suggest reporting him, switching banks, getting a good lawyer, and moving out already.

NO. What he’s doing is against the law and can be handled by the police. You may want to tell him of your intentions first and give him a chance to cease and desist on his own. Don’t forget, he thinks, no doubt, that he’s helping you!

Take your money to another bank. You don’t want to cause your dad any legal issues. Maybe he is just trying to protect you, perhaps its time to leave the nest too.

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