How to persuade my parents to let me buy things online?

I’m really into makeup, and some of my favorite brands aren’t available where I live. I would like to start to buy things online, but only at trusted websites, like NYX’s website and ELF’s website, which everyone uses. If I were to use the websites, I would need a credit card, which I don’t have. My parents have them though. I would ask them before using their credit cards of course, but I would like to know how to persuade them to let me buy stuff from those trusted sites. I would pay them back obviously. But how can I get them to let me buy stuff online?

I had to do that a few years ago. My mum wasn’t really that keen on letting me use her card to buy from overseas (makeup in New Zealand is three or four times the price it is in the USA). Maybe ask to use one of their debit cards instead of a credit card? Credit cards can be kind of daunting, whereas debit cards are just like eftpos cards but you’re able to use them online. Talk to your parents about how you would really like to buy makeup online and let them know that it isn’t available where you live. Set a limit for yourself (the amount of money you’d like to spent) and tell them that limit, then sit down on the computer with them and show them what you’d like to purchase from the NYX and ELF website (adding it to the cart as you go along). As soon as you reach your limit (say $60) review your cart, work out the shipping and ask them if you can use their credit/debit card to purchase the makeup. I think they’d be happy to do it if you already have the money, just because you can transfer it from your bank account to theirs or get the money from your wallet. I’d just ask if you can do it with their supervision and if everything goes well – many more times. When you’re fifteen, if your parents allow you to have a debit card, you can apply for one and make online purchases using that. I hope this helps. 🙂

Could you just ask? lolzz i know it sounds stupid, but thats what i do whenever i wanna buy stuff online. Just tell them thats its a trusted website (and theres usually this little sign thing thats called verisign or something like that to prove that its a trusted website) and ask them if you could but a few things.
BTW…elf might be cheap, but the quality sucks too. Brushes fall apart, lipgloss tastes and smells gross, eyeliner is all like…flaky, and eyeshadows are sort of streaky and clumpy or REALLY transparent. if i were you id stay away from the cheap stuff like that D=

Hope i helped! =)

i do that too :] what i do is i go on one of the websites i want and write down everything i want + shipping then i come up with the money :} and i tell them mom dad i have money i already counted how much and what i want could i please order from online with your credit card and usually elf has like sales rite now they have 50% off there studio line and i tell them that would be a really good deal and they give in 😀 p.s i like iamgeniuss answer :]


tell them you need it for school…that always works

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