How many times during his ministry did Jesus enter the temple and overturn tables?

In John, Jesus does this at the beginning of his ministry on his first trip to Jerusalem. In the other gospels Jesus does it at the end before he in crucified.

Did he overturn the tables twice or once?

Oh man he used to get drunk every Friday night at the pub two doors down and then in a drunken rage he’d go and turn them tables all over the place. Then he’d usually chill out and smoke a big fat blunt with his homies (apostles) Man I miss that guy!

Sorry, christians. forgive me.

That would be the Jews Temple. The Pharisees would not come into their own until after the first Jewish revolt, that is until after the Temple was destroyed. Also, the Sadducee’s, or party of Zadok while dominant in the Sanhedrin were pretty much out of the loop, Temple wise, since the house of Hashmonean began to treat the High Priesthood as a political plum. The selling of votive objects and exchanging of secular money for Temple Gelt took place outside of the sanctified quarters of the Temple, not in the Temple proper (although within the overall Temple complex) and was a valued and necessary service for those who worshiped at the Temple.

Actually it was a man called Apollonius did that, jesus is just a composite story made up of the deeds of several messiahs. Apollonius was crucified in 30 CE by the way

That event happened 1 time.

evidently he did it twice mate

twice,,, and His name is YAHUSHUA

Only one time AFAIK

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