Historically, did Jews fair better under Muslim Rule or Christian Rule?

Taking it as far back as 1000 A.D jerusalem/middle east to 2010 A.D, including WW1, WW2, everything. Were Jews treated better under Muslims throughout history or Christians?
Over the period of time in history, which was the better group? Who would you pick as friendlier to your people historically? It can be either one.

Best of all, the Jews felt under the rule of the Jews. And the success of Israel is a very good proof of this.
Let Muslims rule Muslims and Christians rule Christians. Our cultrues are different, out mentalities are different, our values are different. And the understanding of this will save us a lot of troubles.

I can think of two instances where this took place:

One in Andalusia, where Jews have reportedly lived in religious freedom for around 700 years, until the Spanish Inquisition started, which forced all non-Christians (Muslims and Jews) to either leave, convert, or get burnt at the stake (and that is not figurative speech)

The second, is in Jerusalem, when it became part of the Muslim state 638 CE, Jews were allowed back to Jerusalem, after being banned to enter it since 135 CE, also at the time of Crusades, when it was taken over, crusaders boasted about knee-deep rivers of blood, that is rhetorical of course, but it’s the mental state here that counts, boasting of bloodshed.

Historically, yes, they did.

In Modern times, such a claim is laughable. Today, Jews far much better in Christian states.

Over the period of history, it is Muslims. However, this tends to be idealized, since under Muslims they still weren’t treated what one might constitute fairly in many regions. Using such in terms of now, when so much has changed in this regard, is not wise, especially if you try to apply it to the Israeli-Arab debate.

It depends.

In medieval times? Muslims rule. Mainly because Islam was relatively modern at the day, it was newer and more adapt to the times. Muslims encouraged science and learning back then, while Christians mainly wanted to preserve their old ways.

As times changed, so did the people. I’d say that by the 17th century they were both the same- problem is, that while Christians began to separate Religion from state, Muslims didn’t, and thus being under Christian, or, better yet, secular rule was much better.

But, the bottom line? Jews were fairing the best under their own rule.

if you truly want to know the real truth about Jews under Muslim read &quot:From Time Immemorial&quot:
audiobook: http://www.kickasstorrents.com/from-time-immemorial-mp3-t1902827.html
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Today there are many Jews in christian countries and nearly all Jews from Muslim counties are erased.

it depends on which time.
under roman empire rule – jews did fine.
in medieval time – jews were better off under muslim rule
in Renaissance time – jews were better under christian rule
during ww1 – everywhere which was not europe was good for jews
during ww2 – everywhere which was not europe was good for jews
after ww2 – jews were better in christian countries

so, it depends on the specific era.

Historically, Jews fared better under Jewish rule.

Our Arab and Jewish friends are of the same race.
They both have a very similar language, looks, customs and habits.
I am afraid Christians have a totally different mentality.
Note please that, I am not suggesting we are better in any way or even superior, just different which in my humble opinion is a good thing.
The difference between the Muslims and the Jews is that the former group has already reached their level, whereas our Jewish friends are lost within their vices and habits, filled with superstitions and primitive teachings that act as a break to their spiritual advancement.
The manner in which they treat the native people of Palestine is the most concrete evidence I can think of.


Historically Jews do better when they follow the laws of the Torah.

Historically Jews do better when they follow the laws of the Torah

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